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The Irish summer is extremely unreliable, and you never know when the sun might peep out of the clouds and surprise everyone. Based on the sudden temperature spikes seen for the past half a decade, manufacturers have now become wary of contingency planning for the summer months. They understand the need for proper planning in advance and are doing so to ensure they are ready when the summer strikes. From problems with the conveyor belt, overheating of electrical items, to the breakdown of process chillers; manufacturers always have some issue bothering them in such heat.

In a bid to ensure that manufacturers don’t go through terrible downtimes, and have their interests safeguarded during the summer heat, we have made a list of questions they need to ask themselves before summer heat strikes.

Efficient Process Cooling cross hireQuestion 1: How old is your equipment?

With summer season upon us, now is a good time to ask how old your equipment really is. Chillers usually last for as long as 12 years. However, their real lifetime is based on how they have been used and maintained. If you’re expecting rising temperatures this summer, it is best for you to replace chillers that have gone past 10 years of their useful life. Old chillers can collapse at any moment, which is why you need to have a plan in advance.

Efficient Process Cooling cross hireQuestion 2: How are you Monitoring Equipment?

No longer do you need to be on the site for 24 hours every day to manage your equipment. With the inclusion of futuristic AI software, managers can keep an eye on equipment at all times. Predictive maintenance has become a big part of the AI system, and having such software in place for maintenance can be of great benefit to your business. Real-time information can be useful, and you’re at a loss if you’re not benefitting from it.

Efficient Process Cooling cross hireQuestion 3: How are you protecting your system?

Are you doing anything to protect your system? Experts recommend putting a dosage of Glycol inhibitor as a best practice and this can be one of your basic preventative measures. Glycol inhibitor keeps a check on the water flowing through your chiller’s components and pipes.

Efficient Process Cooling cross hireQuestion 4: How often do you perform a Maintenance Job?

It is best for you to carry out planned preventive maintenance, 2 times every year. Semi-annual maintenances can prepare your machinery for the two important seasons of the year, and can ensure that there are no hidden faults that come and haunt you during summers.

Efficient Process Cooling cross hireQuestion 5: Have you been checking water quality?

You might experience disastrous effects if the glycol and water mix inside the chiller isn’t measured regularly. Keep checking on the water quality at all times, to limit the impact of sudden breakdowns.

Get the supplementary cooling that helps your industry meet the increase of production demands, along with supporting emergency equipment failures, or assistance during periods of service and maintenance to ensure ongoing productivity.
We offer cost-effective chiller hire that can serve your business in the long run, regardless of the temperature.
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