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reduce cooling cost with cross hire

Let’s face it. Running a business is not simple. Once you start, there are many factors and costs that must be taken into consideration. You have costs of capital to cover along with energy costs. If you can learn to manage your energy bills, you can do your business right.

Therefore, once you have energy bills management on the agenda, consider the amount of energy that each of the offices and production units are consuming every day. No matter what the size of your organisation is, there are smart ways to reduce business energy costs.

reduce cooling cost - turn off - cross hire  Turn it off when not in use

You know turning off appliances and lights when not in use can do wonders in reducing energy bills in houses. The same goes for businesses. Even though energy costs are high, given the manufacturing processes and equipment, you would be surprised to see how much you can save from switching off electricity when it is not in use. Advise everyone, including the junior staff, to switch off everything overnight so that you don’t need to pay for energy that you are not using.

reduce cooling cost - cross hire - bulbLED and CFL all around

You need lights all around the organisation so it only makes more sense that the business is better off investing in LED or CFL bulbs to save energy costs in the long-term. This way, you would be spared energy costs in lots of places. If an energy-efficient bulb could spare you one euro per day, multiply that by the aggregate number of bulbs in the organisation to a whole year. This way, you would have savings in the long-term.

reduce cooling cost - cross hireDaylight saving is more than just a phrase

During the day, turn off lights wherever the organisation is receiving natural sunlight. Take advantage of natural light sources and you are talking about some serious savings. This way, your business would not have to pay for unnecessary lighting.

reduce cooling cost - cross hire  Automatic dimmers

These could work effectively in reducing energy consumption especially in those places around the organisation that need to be always lit, such as conference rooms, lounges and hallways. Automatic dimmers can help you adjust energy consumption and meet your business needs in the long-term.

CrossHire has cost-effective, customised temperature control systems to help reduce energy costs for your business. Do you need help finding a suitable temperature control equipment for your business? Call us today at 1890 247 266 for assistance with your next project or to handle your problems.

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