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Do you want a refreshing feeling and fast? Cross Hire Services can create a comfortable environment thanks to our unrivalled air conditioning hire range.

No matter if it’s for a planned installation or emergency backup, our hire team can give you the benefit of their experience and deliver a quick, convenient solution.

From a single 13 amp mains power socket, our range starts at 2kWs and goes up to 200kWs. If it’s an air conditioning solution you need anywhere in Ireland, we’re the team that can supply it all!

Not quite sure what you need in terms of wattage for your air conditioner? With our handy calculator tool, you can easily calculate your heating or cooling requirements. This will make it a lot easier for you to understand exactly what you need for your home or business premises.

Once you know exactly the type of unit you require for your needs – whether at home or in the workplace – you can give us a call at 1800 247 266, or email us at info@crosshire.ie. Alternatively, you can use our website to request a quote for the specific model of air conditioner you’d like to hire. Our helpful Team will assist you with selection of the correct Temporary Air Conditioning Units if you are not sure.


Your Air Conditioning Hire Options

air conditioner coolair 14 exhaust tube

Exhaust Tube Air Conditioners

Our exhaust tube air conditioner units are the most versatile cooling units we offer. They produce quick and easy cooling with a range from 2kW to 10.25kW. These powerful and portable units take just minutes to set up before delivering cool air to large or small spaces.

After a simple installation, this unit moves ambient air across its cooling element and then blows cold air into the room. Meanwhile, it removes heat out through a window or into a space not in use via its flexible tube. These reliable and robust air conditioners are perfect for business and office cooling during the summer months.

  • Easy to Install
  • Ideal for Homes and Offices
  • Spot Cooling Options

Split Type Air Conditioners

Our split-type air conditioner units are the most efficient we offer. All these units are effective at cooling spaces where temperature control is vital – making them ideal for server room cooling, for example.

Using water hoses between its two strands up to a distance of 30m, an internal refrigeration circuit cools air with chilled water. Meanwhile, heated water returns to the external heat exchanger for cooling down.

  • Highly Efficient
  • Ideal for High-Volume Use
  • Up to 30m Outdoor Connection

Evaporative Coolers

For a space where it is hard to reach a suitable place to vent heat, an evaporative cooler is ideal. Unlike a portable air conditioner, these free-standing air coolers don’t need somewhere to vent the hot air. You can use them even if there are no windows or ceiling voids. Our evaporative coolers can also be used outdoors for year-round climate control on a terrace or in an outdoor room, like a marquee.

This is because these economically efficient units work through the process of evaporation. You fill the unit with cold water and, as this turns to vapour, it draws the heat out of the air moving through the unit via a fan.

  • No Need For Window Ventilation
  • Plug and Play Ready
  • Refrigerant-Free

Electric Ventilation Fans

Sometimes, all you need is for air to be circulated. Our range of cooling fans includes units that suit all possible uses – from office use to dust extraction on a building site. All our fan hire units can be fully adjusted, with air flows that range from 3,600 m³/hr up to 25,500 m³/hr.

These fans are great at providing directional cooling. This means they are the perfect option if you don’t need an entire area to be conditioned. Small in size, cheap to run and portable – our electric ventilation fans are one of the most cost-effective solutions that we offer.

  • Highly Directional Cooling
  • Low Running Costs
  • High Air Movement

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Conditioners

What are the benefits of portable air conditioners?

Arguably, the two biggest advantages to having a portable air conditioner are that it can be moved around different rooms of a building or your home and there is minimal installation required.

A permanent air conditioner system requires quite a large installation of an indoor unit and an outdoor mechanism that collects and sends air to the indoor air conditioner. Our portable models allow you to easily transport the unit wherever you need it.

You also still have the option of year-round use with a portable air conditioner with some models offering dehumidification and heat modes.

Why rent an air conditioner?

If you don’t require a permanent air conditioner then hiring one is the next best option. For short-term cooling and heating, a portable air conditioner offers many benefits. Hiring gives you flexibility and convenience while it’s also more cost-effective. You won’t be left out of pocket with a big installation at your home or workplace and a hired unit won’t be sitting around unused for several months of the year, like a permanent one might.

Plus, when hiring with a company like ours, you can always swap your portable air conditioner for something bigger or smaller, depending on what you need. If you’ve permanently installed a unit that either isn’t strong enough or is too big, there’s no simple swap.

What is an evaporative cooler?

An evaporative cooler is a device that cools air through the evaporation of water. The method of evaporative cooling exploits the fact that water absorbs a large amount of heat to evaporate. The temperature of dry air is dropped significantly via the phase transition of liquid water to water vapour.

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