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Your Air Conditioning Hire options

At Cross Hire Services, we use the best quality portable air conditioners to serve our customers. Our modern and eco-friendly air conditioner range is available for either hire or purchase, while most of our units work off a 13 amp single-phase plug we also have 3-phase versions available for larger capacity units. Our units start at 2kW and go up to 200kW, cooling a broad range of sites – shops, offices, hospitals and warehouses, as well as marquees and events.

You can either hire or buy our portable air conditioners. You will also have the full support of our service team. Our price promise means that we will match any like-for-like quote. And, we are happy to offer reduced rates for long-term rentals as well.

Exhaust Tube Air Conditioner

Our exhaust tube air conditioners provide quick and easy cooling for a variety of different locations. These units take just minutes to set up before providing cooled air. We have an excellent range of exhaust tube air conditioners to choose from.

Split-Type Air Conditioner

Our split-type air conditioners are the most efficient we offer to customers. These units use water hoses between their two strands up to a distance of 30m. An internal refrigeration circuit cools the air with chilled water and then removes heat from the conditioned space.

Evaporative Cooler Hire

Evaporative coolers are economically efficient and are excellent for cooling the air in your shop or warehouse. Because they don’t require an exhaust hose, they can be used year-round outdoors for climate control on a terrace or for use in a marquee.

Cooling Fan Hire

Perfect for directional cooling, our cooling fans are suitable for a variety of uses, from office use to dust extraction on a construction site. All our fan hire units can be fully adjusted, with air flows that range from 3,600 m³/hr up to 25,500 m³/hr.

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Conditioners

What is a split-type air conditioner?

A split-type air conditioner is a unit that’s split into two individual units – one outdoor and one indoor. The outdoor unit houses the condenser components and the indoor unit distributes the cooled air into the building. The outdoor unit cools the refrigerant and sends it to the indoor unit which blows cold air into the conditioned space.

How do I know what size air conditioner I need?

It can be difficult to know exactly which air conditioner type and size you need for your specific requirements. However, at Cross Hire Services, we have a handy calculator tool that makes it easy for you to figure out the exact specifications you need.

Alternatively, you can contact us at 1800 247 266 or info@crosshire.ie, and one of our friendly team will be more than happy to discuss your needs.

How do I rent or purchase an air conditioner from Cross Hire Services?

It’s quite easy to rent or purchase one of our air conditioners. Once you’ve used our calculator tool and worked out exactly what you need, you can request a quote directly from our website. This will produce a full price for the unit you need and for the length of time, you’d like to hire it. You can also get in touch with us to discuss your options.

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