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Boiler cross hire

If you can’t imagine being in a cold space on a crisp, winter morning, how would your employees or students cope with this uncomfortable situation? A cold office area or classroom would be the last place anybody wants to be.

An inefficient or failing boiler puts a big question mark on your business’s administration. There is a reason why a fully functioning and serviced boiler plays a critical role in your business. It offers efficient water system and a heating solution in a variety of commercial buildings. Boilers are your complete heating solution and help you keep your buildings warm enough. In a school environment, you can prevent the cold affecting the young students.

Boilers need the help of skilled professionals to run properly. Choosing the right professional is as much important as selecting the right boiler unit. It is important to hire a team of professionals who can deliver a flexible heating solution to fully match your requirements.

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Maintain Your Boilers to Keep Them Running Smoothly

Servicing and repair of boilers are necessary to keep them running optimally. With the passage of time, boiler parts lose efficiency and you incur additional fuel cost every day to keep them running. This additional cost quickly mounts up into a large fuel bill and makes the full-service cost seem inconsequential in comparison.

The only way to counter these problems is to ensure boiler maintenance regularly. This helps to monitor and fix the detonating parts without aggravating the solution.

Boiler cross hire

Why Should You Count On Cross Hire?

Cross Hire fully understand your business’s heating needs. We proudly offer a fully adaptable and complete portable boiler range. The boiler range is designed in combination with our extensive industry experience. With our boiler hire solutions, we aim to provide the most stringent specification to match your heating and water requirements.

Our hire fleet takes care of a whole range of situation. It includes both packaged and containerized units. To provide you with a water heating solution, we also offer a fully integrated hot water and heating package as per your preferences.

Our amazing boiler hire range features gas and diesel units. It has the output from 100kW to 1200kW. These boilers are made to a high spec so that we bring the best product to you. Our hire fleet is best for an array of uses: planned maintenance, boiler replacement, heating temporary building including emergency breakdowns.

Stay Prepared for Eventuality

Besides our boiler range that is available for hiring, we also provide disaster recovery and 24/7 call out support. You want to make sure that the boiler company you hire is there whenever you need their support, even if the boiler chooses the chilliest night of the season to stop working.

Click here to check out the complete range. If our boiler range matches your business heating requirements, our team would be delighted to handle and assist your rental queries. You can contact our team directly on 1890 247 266.

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