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chiller installation at manufacturing plant

Temporary Chiller Installation – Manufacturing Plant

One of Irelands leading plastics manufacturing facilities had a fault on their main chilled water process cooling chiller that required a replacement component with a long lead time. Having ascertained the existing chiller component would take some weeks to be supplied, the production process necessitated the supply of a temporary ...
Industrial Heating

Different Heating Options to Ensure Safe Operations in Your Industrial Workplace

Maintaining a healthy workplace temperature is crucial for increasing the productivity of workers. There is no doubt about how a well-heated industrial workplace has its own effects on many aspects of a workplace. These include safety, workers’ health, integrity of the building and productivity. It’s a widely known fact that ...
boiler impact

Boilers Are an Inevitable Process Component for Businesses

Not every business fully recognizes the importance of boilers as a critical process component. Hospitals stay busy with saving lives. Manufacturing plants and industries focus on meeting their production schedule. Colleges continue to invest in future leaders. However, all of this may not be possible for long if your business ...
Cheaper heater

Oil vs. Gas vs. Electric Storage Heaters – Which Is the Cheapest Option for Your Commercial Use

For a business, it is hard to find the right heating equipment; one that is efficient as well as cost-effective. There are different kinds of heating systems which are now being used in different commercial setups like oil, gas or electric heaters.  What exactly is the cheapest option to go ...
electric boiler

What Makes Electric Boilers a Definite Winner than Gas Boilers

If you think that electric boilers may not be the right option for your specific commercial application and that they cost too much in the long run, you’re wrong. In fact, electric boilers are gaining a lot of popularity for a range of business applications due to their efficiency and ...
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