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Chiller install 2017

A medical centre in South Dublin needed to replace the existing chiller that serviced their MRI scanner.

An engineer was immediately sent to the site to survey the situation and it was determined that one of Cross Hire’s 150 kW chillers and 20 metres of flexible hose were needed. The unit was successfully installed in the medical centre for the six weeks of the project works.

The problem

The removal of the existing unit and the sourcing and installation of a new chiller will take circa 6 weeks, however, the challenge was that the centre must be able to continue to operate using the scanner during this time.  The loss of cooling must be avoided at all cost due to the fact that the centre operated 13 hours a day  6 days a week.

The solution  

 A Cross Hire representative surveyed the site, suggesting to the client that a 150 kW cooling unit was required. The works had to be completed over a weekend period. With this in mind Cross Hire delivered the chiller to site on a Sunday morning for immediate lifting into position by crane, and connected a flexible hose to the flow and return of the client’s system.

By the end of the day a Cross Hire engineer had the chiller commissioned and operational maintaining the correct water temperature for the client’s scanning equipment.

chiller installed in medical centre 2017

chiller installed in medical centre 2017

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