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Portable Boiler Hire and Containerised Boilers

Cross Hire Services have a complete – and fully-adaptable – portable boiler hire range. This range, in combination with our vast industry experience, lets us deliver the most stringent specification to match your needs. You can also use our portable boilers with our air handling units, which means you get the most complete short-term environmental heating solution.


Our Boiler Hire Range

Our boiler hire fleet includes containerised and packaged units. These strong, robust boilers are housed in a thermally-insulated steel container, while their lifting options provide ease of transport. A packaged boiler is more flexible for use in areas where there is a limit on either space or the ability to move it.

Cross Hire Services boiler range features both diesel and gas units, with output from 100kW to 1200kW. For larger projects, we can combine units to provide even more output. We can also cater for more specialist projects – such as short-term underfloor heating. Our 22kW, for example, is a superb option for that job.


Constantly Evolving

We make our boilers to a high specification. With this control over the process, we can bring the best product to your job. Not only that, but we also offer a bespoke custom-built boiler service if you have certain needs.

Our boiler hire fleet is always evolving, with the latest, most efficient units on offer. All our boilers meet with the relevant laws and legislation, which makes them suitable for all types of use.


Boiler Hire Specifics

Our boiler hire fleet is able to cover a broad range of situations. We can also fully integrate a heating and hot water package if you need us to, thanks to our container options.

The features of our fleet include dual circuits for LPHW and portable hot water from a single unit, while heat exchangers make sure the heating water and drinking water systems remain apart. To keep water pressure constant, Pressurisation Units are on hand to stop any heat escaping due to minor leaks. And, with integrated pumps, there will be no need for external pumps – except for long pipe runs.

Meanwhile, we provide flue dilution units that meet clean air laws should the need arise.


Fuel and refuel

To ensure the smooth running of our units, our fuel management service supplies fuel on demand or as weekly top-ups, as well as in emergencies. We also offer fuel across the board to a wide range of sectors.

Our fast service means that you get fuel on tap – even at times of high demand! And our bunded oil tanks are completely secure. This means you can be sure of total protection in even the most sensitive sites.

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