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Your Boiler Hire Options

At Cross Hire Services, you’ll find Ireland's largest boiler hire range. Our fleet features fully mobile boilers as well as boiler units within a mobile plant room - the perfect options for your temporary heating solution and hot water needs, no matter your setting.

Our boiler hire range starts with the 22kW three-phase electric boiler and includes 100kW or 250kW gas or oil-fired boilers.

Our range of boilers also includes:

  • Natural gas or diesel oil fuel burners for all boilers that are larger than 100kW
  • 300kW gas or oil-fired boilers
  • 600kW gas or oil-fired units
  • 1.2 Mw gas or oil-fired units

Please note, that we can change the fuel type to suit all your hire needs, so feel free to enquire if you need something specialist.

Electric Boiler Hire

If you’re in need of a temporary heating solution, our 22kW Electric Boiler could be the perfect option for you. For low-output applications, it’s ideal, especially for floor screed drying during building construction projects.

It’s incredibly easy to hire an electric boiler from Cross Hire Services. And, by going through our boiler hire process, you won’t need to wait for a permanent plant room to be installed to use an underfloor heating system.

We also offer a 600kw Containerised Boiler Plantroom which is a highly specialist piece of equipment.

Calculate Heating Requirements

Not sure about your heating or cooling requirements? Use our calculator below to work out exactly what you need.

Once you know, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at 1800 247 266 or info@crosshire.ie.

Frequently Asked Questions About Boiler Hire

Why hire a boiler?

Hiring a boiler can make a lot of sense for a wide variety of companies. When maintaining a consistent and reliable heating system, hiring a boiler can be hugely advantageous. Whether it’s facing unexpected emergencies or planning for maintenance, boiler hire can provide the temporary heating solution you need to keep a project running smoothly.

What are the benefits of using boiler hire?

There are several reasons why hiring a boiler for temporary use can be beneficial. Here are the main benefits of boiler hire:

    • Emergencies - Should your permanent boiler break down, you could face lengthy downtime. Hiring a temporary boiler while waiting for a fix can ensure staff or customers in a business are still comfortable.
    • Scheduled maintenance or repairs - For whatever reason, your main boiler may be down during repairs or maintenance in your building. Hiring a boiler for temporary use can keep your business warm while repairs take place.
    • Construction - During construction projects, utilities are often shut down. To keep an area warm or to dry floor screed, use boiler hire with Cross Hire Services.
    • Special events - If you’re hosting a special event and need additional heating capacity, hiring a boiler can help greatly if you have it there as a backup in case of a breakdown.
    • Back-up in extreme weather - Difficult weather conditions can put a strain on heating systems. Having a temporary boiler as backup is good preparation in case an emergency occurs and you need to keep your building warm.
    • Cost-effective - If you only need a boiler for short-term use, hiring a boiler can be much more cost-effective than purchasing and installing a permanent one.

What types of boilers do you have?

At Cross Hire Services, we have many boiler services available for hire, including both electric boilers to hire and containerised boilers.

The latter can produce a huge output of power, including up to 1200kW and a design flow of 51,600 litres per hour.

Depending on your requirements, you can benefit from either type in our selection - get in touch with Cross Hire Services today to discuss your needs.

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