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Cross Hire Services offer the most eco-friendly chiller hire range. From air conditioning to process cooling, our chillers can provide effective temperature control across all applications. Our highly experienced chiller hire team uses the latest units to supply systems for all environments. Our range has an output between -10°C and +20°C, with 5kW, 10kW 20kW, 50kW, 100kW, 160kW, 260kW, 320kW, 550kW options available.


We can also offer multi-megawatt power units. It means that Cross Hire Services provides the ideal fluid chiller. We stock brands from leading manufacturers . Meanwhile, the ease of connection – plus quick action coupling of our Chillers to Air Handling Units and Fan Coils – means a quick job linking to an existing process, building pipework or cooling system. Not only that, but our range also comes with flexible hoses for water connections.

Air Cooled Chillers

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100kw air cooled chiller unit

100kW Air Cooled Chiller

Size: 100 Kw
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100kW Chiller Hire

Size: 100 Kw
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10kW Air Cooled Chiller

Size: 10 Kw
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Rhoss 10kW air cooled chiller unit

10kW Chiller

Size: 10 Kw
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150kw air cooled chiller

150kW Air Cooled Chiller

Size: Kw
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Product: 160Kw Portable Chiller available to hire

160kW Air Cooled Chiller

Size: 160 Kw
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20kW Chiller Air cooled Cross Hire

20kW Air Cooled Chiller

Size: 20 Kw
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20kw Rhoss Air Cooled Chiller unit

20kW Chiller

Size: 20 Kw
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250kw air cooled chiller

250kW Air Cooled Chiller

Size: 250 Kw
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200kW to 300kW Air Cooled Chiller

300kW Air Cooled Chiller

Size: 300 Kw
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Heat Pump Chiller Hire

Fan Coil Hire

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