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    Professional Air Cleaner TAC 6500

    Portable air cleaner with Vario-shift and Flowmatic function: One of a kind and Trotec exclusive!

    Clean air in, contaminants out – our most efficient model of the TAC series reliably ensures an effective air purification even of very large construction areas and can be used just as variably for building site and cleanroom renovations – and all that with only one device!

    This unique versatility, in addition to the modularly combinable filter elements, with which an optimum filter ladder can be compiled for any level of room air contamination, is above all made possible by the unique Vario-shift function of the TAC 6500, thanks to which the filter ladder can be optionally configured with either terminal fan or HEPA filter as is stipulated for cleanroom environments.

    tac 6500 air dust cleaner

    With dust class H our most efficient air cleaner of the TAC series is the perfect solution for air extraction and cleaning of manifold large-volume work spaces with contaminated air:

    Its carriage construction equipped as standard with stacking aid and shock protection was especially designed for the rough everyday work on ever-changing construction sites and can be precisely adjusted via the Monoventic regulator for any application owing to the infinitely adjustable air volume.

    Furthermore, the TAC 6500 is equipped with an innovative, sensor-supported Flowmatic control thanks to which you no longer have to worry about sagging air flow rates or air exchange rates, which inevitably set in due to a process-related slow clogging of the filter elements.

    Like the "cruise control" in your car, the Flowmatic sensors of the TAC 6500 capture the actual values of the air flow rate within the entire filter ladder and continually adjust the system performance dynamically, so that the once numerically predefined target value for the amount of air can be kept constant in every situation! This does not only increase filter lifetime and system efficiency, but also guarantees the compliance with the air exchange rates required by law.

    The purification of contaminated room air is effected by means of vacuum recirculation. All air-borne pollutants are removed and absorbed by the filter elements of the TAC 6500. A sensor continuously records the capacity of fine particulate and HEPA filter and warns you visually and acoustically, as soon as a respective filter change is required, which can be quickly performed thanks to the smart top unlocking device of the TAC 6500.

    A few practical benefits:

    • Unique in the world: Professional air cleaner – variably applicable for building site and cleanroom renovations with only one device
    • Dust class H, approvable for asbestos abatement as per TRGS 519
    • Vario-shift function to adapt the use of the filter ladder with terminal fan or HEPA filter
    • Sensor-supported Flowmatic control for the automatic retention of the preselected air volume
    • Monoventic regulator for precise and infinitely adjustable amounts of air
    • Visual and acoustic alternating display for pre- and main filter – sensor-supported
    • Equipped as standard with stacking aid and shock protection
    • Simple filter change due to quick top unlocking
    • Now Available with consumable HEPA H14 filter for air purification of viruses at a particle size of 0.1 to 0.2 µm
    • Professional quality "Made in Germany" – Originally produced by Trotec

    Safe investment:

    • Already prepared for future directives of the (German) employer's liability insurance association regarding the use of portable air purification equipment

    Performance chart:

    TAC Air Cleaners TAC 1500 S TAC 6500
    Field of application Filter combination Suitable for rooms
    to a size of ¹ m³
    Suitable for rooms
    to a size of ¹ m²
    Suitable for rooms
    to a size of ¹ m³
    Suitable for rooms
    to a size of ¹ m²
    Coarse dust ²
    (≤ 3 LW/h ⁶)
    G4 220 88 1400 500
    Fine particulates ³
    (≤ 3 LW/h ⁶)
    G4 + F7 to F9 110 44 750 300
    Suspended matter ⁴
    (≥ 10 LW/h ⁶)
    G4 + H13/H14 50 20 200 80
    Hygienic areas ⁵
    (≥ 15 LW/h ⁶)
    G4 + H13/H14 35 14 135 54

    ¹ With an assumed room height of 2.5 m; ² Typical coarse dust tasks: sawing, filing; ³ Typical fine dust tasks: restoration works with materials containing minerals or glass wool; ⁴ Typical suspended matter tasks: grinding, asbestos abatement or mould remediation, mineral dusts etc.; ⁵ H13/H14 downstream; ⁶ Air exchange per hour

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