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TAC 1500 S Air Cleaner & Dust Control

Robust Portable air cleaner for restoration, reconstruction or painting

The TAC 1500 S is a powerful performing and robust solution for clean air during restoration, reconstruction and expansion projects or painting work using airless paint spraying systems on any construction site.


The sturdy metal construction is hard wearing, combined with the units size, enables simple handling, and is optimally suited for air purifying under rough building site conditions.

With dust class H our smallest high-performing air cleaner of the TAC series is the perfect solution for air extraction and cleaning of manifold large-volume work spaces with contaminated air

TAC 1500 S Air Cleaner & Dust Control unit for hire

Using the commercial professional-grade TAC air cleaners you are always one step ahead. They are variably applicable for building site and cleanroom renovations.

The filter ladder can be arranged so that the HEPA filter is downstream of the fan as the last link in the filter chain. These globally unique units allow for a fast change of position of the fan and HEPA units, so that the filter ladder can be arranged for optimal scenario applications and in line with regulations. Thus, this stackable commercial air cleaner is approved for asbestos abatement in compliance with TRGS 519.

On building sites and renovation areas high concentrations of dust, can arise, from demolition operations or from angle grinders, chiselling or during blasting. Given the unit can be equipped with various filters, one or two elements in combination with a HEPA filter, the user can arrange both the filter quality and filter chain arrangement for the specific area of application. Depending on the inserted filters, the TAC 1500 S can reliably filter various dusts, coarse and fine, from e.g. asbestos, building rubble, sanding, concrete, wood, etc. but also mould spores, paint particles and mineral fibres in the air. The dust is then vacuumed off as close as possible to the point of origin to reduce pollution to the breathing air.

Suitable for rooms up to 500m³/hr, the TAC 1500 S is equipped with a Monoventic regulator with can be precisely adjusted for any application owing to the infinitely adjustable air volume.

The HEPA filter compartment can now be equipped with the new class H14 HEPA high-performance air cleaning filter to ensure effective separation of viruses and other airborne pollutants, to an efficiency of 99.997%, at a particle size of 0.1 to 0.2 µm.


A few practical benefits:

  • Versatile filter system for the extraction of dust and spray paint dusts
  • Dust class H, approvable for asbestos abatement as per TRGS 519
  • HEPA H14 filter available for air purification of viruses at a particle size of 0.1 to 0.2 µm
  • Enormously robust and stackable metal housing
  • Quick release fastener with movably mounted tension latch for high vibration-free retaining force
  • Powerful premium fan
  • Maintenance-friendly design for quick and easy filter change
  • Monoventic regulator for precise and infinitely adjustable amounts of air
  • Visual and acoustic filter change indicator
  • Operating hours counter
  • Low maintenance, stackable construction with quick release fasteners for simple filter change
  • Professional quality “Made in Germany” – Originally produced by Trotec

Typical air purification applications with the TAC 1500 S


Negative pressurisation with discharge of the filtered air into an adjacent room sealed with foil.


Negative pressurisation with external discharge of the filtered air to avoid hazards in adjacent areas.


Negative pressurisation with extraction of the filtered air from an adjacent room sealed with foil. With this version, the device remains free from dirt.

Recommendation for filter combinations specific to the application and corresponding room size suitability

Field of application Filter combination Suitable for rooms
to a size of ¹ m³
Suitable for rooms
to a size of ¹ m²
Coarse dust ²
(≤ 3 LW/h ⁶)
G4 220 88
Fine particulates ³
(≤ 3 LW/h ⁶)
G4 + F7 to F9 110 44
Suspended matter ⁴
(≥ 10 LW/h ⁶)
G4 + H13/H14 50 20
Hygienic areas ⁵
(≥ 15 LW/h ⁶)
G4 + H13/H14 35 14

¹ With an assumed room height of 2.5 m; ² Typical coarse dust tasks: sawing, filing; ³ Typical fine dust tasks: restoration works with materials containing minerals or glass wool; ⁴ Typical suspended matter tasks: grinding, asbestos abatement or mould remediation, mineral dusts etc.; ⁵ H13/H14 downstream; ⁶ Air exchange per hour


Virus filtering also possible now!

hepa 14 filter for covid 19 reduction with air purifiers

The H13 HEPA filter compartment of all professional air cleaners of the TAC series, can now accommodate the high-performance consumable filters of the class H14 HEPA for virus filtering.

These final filters for cleanrooms of classes ISO 4 and ISO 3 feature a separation efficiency of 99.997% at a particle size of 0.1 to 0.2 µm.

SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) virus strain has a similar particle size of 0.12 to 0.16 µm.

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