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We are Ireland’s leading provider of commercial chiller hire and emergency rental, offering low-cost, energy-efficient quality products delivered within 24 hours!

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Our team of specialists will help you understand your requirements via our 24/7 phone service or a free site survey. With Nationwide delivery and installation across Ireland, our team will deliver your Chillers units within 24 hours of order to any agreed location.

Cross Hire Services has Ireland’s largest fleet of process cooling chillers readily available at all times. We have cooling options tailored to various applications, environments, and situations of any cooling capacity. Whether for extended periods, brief durations, or emergency contingencies, find the chiller solution that suits your needs with us today.

Our installation and service engineers at Cross Hire Services are certified in F Gas and are dedicated to fulfilling all your requirements. Reach out to our team today to explore your needs.

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Chiller Hire from Cross Hire Services is easy!

20kW Rental Chiller

The 20kW Hire chiller is capable of cooling fluid down to -10°C which includes a circulating pump, expansion tank, VSD fans, freeze stat, high- and low-pressure switch etc. Our 20kW chiller is quick and easy to install and our experienced engineers are on hand to install and commission all our chillers for you.

250kW Air Cooled Hire Chiller

The Low GWP 250kW chiller is capable of cooling fluid down to -10°C which includes a circulating pump, expansion tank, VSD fans, freeze stat, high- and low-pressure switch etc. The Cross Hire 250kW chiller is quick and easy to install and our experienced engineers are on hand to install and commission all our chillers for you

600kW Air Cooled Rental Chiller

The low GWP 600kW Air Cooled Chiller is versatile, serving various cooling needs from air conditioning to process cooling and ice rink creation. It’s ideal for standalone air conditioning at events or permanent setups when paired with air handling units or process cooling.

750kW Hire Chiller

The 750kW air-cooled chiller offers reliable cooling for various industrial and commercial needs, from air conditioning to process cooling. Its advanced control system and energy-efficient design ensure precise temperature control and reduced energy consumption, ideal for enhancing operations while cutting costs.

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About Cross Hire Services!

Stefan Donoghue
Stefan Donoghue
Great service, so fast and attentive! :) Special shoutout to Eddie, as he is super friendly and looks after us so well. Thanks!!
The Open Window Gallery OWG
The Open Window Gallery OWG
I rarely feel the need to write a complimentary letter about Customer service in a company, as I believe that good service is quite simply a matter of good business. However, Cross Hire and in particular a gentleman called Pat went above and beyond in making me feel reassured during a recent very stressful time. I had a bad flood and valuable stock that needed to be protected without delay. Pat ( sorry I do not know the surname), was instantly calming and I had two de-humidifiers delivered within a matter of hours. Pat was not only professional but showed a personal empathy that was genuine and sorely lacking in todays business world. I heartily recommend this company. Deirdre Irvine
Ruairi Coady
Ruairi Coady
Jay Cullen
Jay Cullen
Brilliant nice friendly lads
dan myers
dan myers
Great service and reliability
Krzysztof Stenka
Krzysztof Stenka
Andrena Conyard
Andrena Conyard
We had a flood in our home on Easter bank holiday weekend, we rang all over the country looking for dehumidifiers to help soak up the water. This company was the only one willing to help. Not only did the owner come in on his day off to get things sorted for us ( bank holiday weekend) he was so genuine. Would 100% recommend doing business with this company.
jim mulcahy
jim mulcahy
A top class company with excellent service i found them very easy to deal with from start to finish and very efficient *****
Lisa Doyle
Lisa Doyle
Pat was very friendly & helpful throughout! He went out of his way to personally deliver our requested items to us as promised. I would thoroughly recommend Crosshire's services throughout this Winter for all your heating needs :-)
Marguerite Sheridan
Marguerite Sheridan
Pat was so helpful and couldn't do enough to assist over and above. Also I was communicating with others in the company and they were also very helpful and all of them very friendly. Was hiring equipment and the rates were very good. Would definitely recommend Cross Hire.

Covering All Of Your Needs Chiller…

Whatever your needs, Cross Hire Services has you covered with our vast array of products in a range of different categories:

Mobile Chiller Hire Range:

Our chiller hire fleet offers top-quality units for all cooling needs, from air conditioning to process cooling. Ranging from 5kW to 1300kW, our environmentally friendly units feature integral pump and tank, Bauer couplings, and energy-efficient refrigerant.

Heat Pump Rental:

We offer heat pump units within our chiller range, providing both heating and cooling from a single unit for year-round temperature control, ideal for long-term use. Our Low GWP chiller fleet is based in Ireland which avoids high transport costs from abroad, like some of our competitors face.

Emergency Chiller Hire:

We swiftly address emergency breakdowns, providing rapid solutions for process cooling, data centre air conditioning, and other temperature control needs. Our unmatched response time in Ireland ensures peace of mind, but we also offer contingency planning to preempt chiller-related failures, minimising downtime.

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