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Achieving the best conditions for your construction site should never be a reactive solution or an afterthought. It should not be something that you seek once you are already behind schedule.

Large businesses understand the importance of proper heating strategy. During the planning stage of a project, establishing a strong climate control strategy that fully employs good humidity control measures is the best proactive approach. It will save money, prevent delays and keep your building clean.

However, before you start, you must first consider the particulars of the construction site so that you can easily determine the heater type that is best for the job. While choosing the best heating solution, your building materials, time frame, required temperature, building size and shape play a critical role to reach a decision.

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construction site heating

A good heating strategy for your construction site is not possible unless you answer the following:

  • What is the duration of the project?
  • What materials were used in the construction of building structure?
  • What kinds of materials need heat? This may include adhesives, tiling, paint, molding, finish work, door jams, trim, and
  • What is the size of the space that needs heat? You must know the total cubic feet and not only square feet. You must also know the basic floor plan as you will need a proper understanding of the clearance levels and height.
  • What is the most preferred temperature? Once all the details of your project are set, you will have to decide on the right temperature level to ensure a comfortable atmosphere at the job site.
  • What is the ventilation mechanism at your construction site? You must know where the heat escapes from. Once you learn of the required temperature that must be maintained, you must also know how you can maintain this particular temperature. For instance, will that structure hold warmth similar to radiant heat system or is it going to waste?
  • What is the most preferred source of fuel? There are some sites that can only be operative with a certain type of fuel source while others can have access to all types of fuel.

All these questions are highly important and helpful for determining the proper heating solution for your construction site. When you ensure an adequate heating solution at the construction site, this also helps workers to work at optimum efficiency.

Once you have outlined all the major aspects of the heating strategy of your site, select the most suited heating solution. At Cross Hire, we proudly offer a wide range of heating solutions including gas, oil, and electric heaters.

All of them are designed to meet different heating requirements of both small and large spaces. We offer an extensive range of portable heaters that are best suited for different business setups. From 3kW to even 220kW, you get the best heating solution for your business.

Check out our complete heaters range here. If any of the offered product matches your construction site demands, our experienced team will be delighted to assist your query.

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