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Heater selection available for hire from Cross Hire

It’s essential for a workplace to meet the right temperature requirements. It is directly associated with the business’ productivity and efficiency. If one gives the matter some serious thought, they would realise that heating is the most crucial component of any project or workplace.

At Cross Hire Services, we understand the significance of proper heating solution for businesses and provide a vast range of portable heating solutions. We have designed these heaters to make sure that your designated areas are properly heated and in the most effective manner.

In fact, to help you choose the best portable heating solution that is ideal for your situation, let us guide you through the various uses and options. We offer an extensive range of heating solutions both for hire and for sale. All of them offer an easy and quick heating solution for your site.

Our options include:

Let’s discuss each of them briefly.

Direct-Fired Heaters

gas Direct fired heater little brother heater hire rent cross hire services


Our portable gas and oil direct-fired heaters are the best option for spaces like loading bays, factories, warehouses, churches, garages, or farm buildings.  This means that these heaters are best suited for spaces with proper ventilation and where combustible items are not close by.



Indirect-Fired Heaters

Hot House Ace 140 Oil Fired Indirect Heater


These portable and efficient heaters are a popular choice in food preparation areas, marquees, building sites, shops, churches, agricultural sites, leisure centers and sports halls and others.




These heaters comprise of a gas-tight combustion chamber. They work best in areas that have no proper ventilation.  In term of heat, they are best known to produce a large amount of safe and clean heat. The heater can easily be ducted in some particular areas too.


Electric Heaters

These heaters are most widely used in small-scale businesses. They are the most preferred choice for offices, hotels, showrooms, ships, switching stations, modular buildings, temporary accommodations, and others. These heaters are quite lightweight and easy to carry, which makes them easier to position as well as highly portable.

All of these heating options come with different fuel types. The different fuel-type heating solutions offered at Cross Hire include LPG Butane, Diesel Oil, LPG Propane and Electricity. Different types of fuel are offered to meet different heating requirements and conditions.

For instance, Diesel Oil is the most economical option for large and medium areas. Similarly, LPG Butane freezes at 0°C and thus, cannot power heaters in different harsh weather conditions.

At Cross Hire, we take care of all your long and short-term heating requirements. We offer an expansive range of portable heaters that also come with a complete choice of different fuel formats and types.


From 2kW to even 230kW, there is a heating solution for almost everyone. For the same reason, Cross Hire Services has the leading hire fleet in entire Ireland. If our heating range also meets your business heating requirements, then contact us on 1890 247 266.

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