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Industrial Heating

Maintaining a healthy workplace temperature is crucial for increasing the productivity of workers. There is no doubt about how a well-heated industrial workplace has its own effects on many aspects of a workplace. These include safety, workers’ health, integrity of the building and productivity.

It’s a widely known fact that workers are more likely to be productive between 17°C and 24°C, depending on the kind of work. This means that you must incorporate an efficient and fully operational heating system to reduce heat-related stress among workers.

Our extensive heating range

Types of Heaters for Industrial Workplace Heating

At Cross Hire, we offer a range of great portable heaters for hire. These heaters will take care of your industrial workplace heating requirements. Our range is designed to meet every kind of heating requirements, both short-term and long-term.

Let’s discuss them in detail.

Direct-Fired Heaters

Our direct-fired heaters are ideal for heating small and large spaces alike. They are highly convenient to carry, install and set-up. They are best used in areas with proper and good ventilation like workshops, warehouses or industrial workplaces. This kind of heating system increases the amount of moisture in the air.

The heaters are available both in diesel fuel or LPG gas options. The range is available from 28kW – 115KW power output. This is one of the most highly efficient heating ranges offered by us.

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Indirect-Fired Heaters

This is the other type of portable heaters offered by Cross Hire. This heater range is an ideal option for heating your industrial workplace. It offers the ease and convenience of mobility without concerns regarding oxygen supply and ventilation. These portable indirect gas heaters are quite versatile. They are designed to deliver large volumes of heated air into building sites, agricultural and industrial buildings.

Like direct-fired heaters, they also include both gas and diesel models. It has a power output from 4.2kW to 220kW. To ensure the smooth running of units, our bounded fuel tanks have capacity for weekly top-ups in addition to an emergency call-out.

Electric Heaters

At Cross Hire, we offer a wide range of electric heaters that can be rented. The range includes electric fan heater and oil-filled radiators. Industrial radiant heaters are perfect for different scenarios such as open building needing zone heating or rapid warm-up times. Running from a 13amp plug and being able to power up to 3kW, these units work efficiently in smaller sites and offices including industrial workplaces.

One of our most in-demand fan heaters is the Hot Cube 25. The equipment is highly versatile and can slide at any location while you get instant heat.

The Bottom Line

At Cross Hire, we take care of your heating requirements in all ways. For instance, if you need some heavy duty electric heater, we can offer you an entire range of three-phase fan heaters. Each unit can operate between 6kW and 24kW.

If any of our designed products match your industrial workplace requirements, our team will be glad to help you get the most suited heaters. You can reach at on 1890 247 266.

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