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Our Event & Marquee Cooling, Refrigeration & Heating Hire Range

Holding an indoor or outdoor event? Cross Hire is proud of our experience in providing portable air conditioning and heating rental solutions for any event and marquee need.

Cross Hire has a huge range of portable air conditioning units and chillers for your marquee or indoor arena. The solutions we can offer are ideal for your indoor or outdoor event. For events large and small, you can be sure that we have the product that is up to the job.

Our ducted or water-cooled split air conditioning units are great for smaller events, with a range between 4kW and 10kW – all running from a single-phase 230V plug. With one of our compact and portable units, you can create a really comfortable setting for your guests with ease.

Meanwhile, connecting our portable chillers to air handling units and fan coils is the way to go for a large marquee or arena. Our range starts at 10kW and goes up to 550kW, with flexible units that offer both large volumes of cooling duty and heating too! It serves as a great combination if your event runs from day into night.


Portable Air Conditioning Range

Portable Chillers and Air Handling Units




We are also able to provide hot water from our range of portable boilers. These can connect to air handling units and fan coils, with power output ranging from 22kW up to 550kW.



In addition to renting chillers for a large event, we also offer deals with generator hire and fuel management. The combination of transport, installation and services makes this a much more cost effective approach.

Our range of indirect ducted heatings means that our team can provide clean, warm air for either cooler weather or time of day – and that’s great for a winter event!

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