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air purifier trotec

Air purifiers help in removing pathogens from your home environment and keep you and your family in good health. They are helpful for people with respiratory illnesses or allergies. They can be used inside homes or office building to ensure a safe, purified environment for everyone.


There is no such thing as 100 percent clean air.

The air is loaded with allergens, pathogens, bacteria, and viruses that are transmitted from multiple sources. The air inside offices or home is dirtier than outdoor air because buildings are confined and lack proper ventilation to let out harmful substances.

Everyday consumption of electronic appliances, detergents and cleaners adds to pathogens in the atmosphere that could lead to life-threatening illnesses. The benefits of having air purifiers are the high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) that aids in eliminating contaminants from the environment. Depending on the air purifier you get, purifiers can remove 99 percent toxins. HEPA clears the air of dirt or dust, smoke, and pathogens present in the atmosphere.

Air purifiers Trotec

Cross Hire Air purifier solution

HealthPro and TAC bring you air purifying cleaners and units to assist you in keeping the environment clean for everybody. The units are tested and certified for providing you with a cleaner environment. Here’s how you can use the cleaners.

  • The HealthPro series could be used inside homes or offices, especially where there are a large number of people, to filter nasty odours, smoke, dust, allergens and bacteria. It also prevents onset of infectious diseases.
  • TAC series could be used in constructions sites and restoration areas, where there is a high concentration of adhesives and mortar. The air in unclean due to high amount of dust coming from stone, wood, fire and machines, all of which are detrimental to long-term health of workers. The cleaning series were designed for rough or hazardous working conditions to ensure safety of workers. The filter modules are flexible and can be combined to clear the air of contaminants.

The HealthPro series can filter:

  1. Pet allergens
  2. Termite allergens
  3. Dust
  4. Moulds
  5. Unpleasant odours
  6. Smoke
  7. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  8. Ozone
  9. Pollen

The series could be installed in:

  1. Homes
  2. Offices
  3. Smoking areas
  4. Waiting rooms
  5. Hotels
  6. Conference rooms
  7. Schools
  8. Museums

The TAC series can effectively filter:

  1. Construction waste
  2. Asbestos and Quartz Dust
  3. Mould Spores
  4. Adhesives
  5. VOCs

The series could be installed in:

  1. Construction
  2. Renovation
  3. Water and Fire Damage restoration
  4. Decontamination

 Air purifier solution can now be yours thanks to our brand new range of Trotec HealthPro and TAC. Now available to rent or buy from Cross Hire, we offer a number of options to suit all your needs.

Request a callback or reach out on 1890 24 7 266 where a member of our expert team is waiting to impart his considerable knowledge on the subject and would be proud to provide your bespoke solution today!

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