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Your Portable Heater Hire Options

Cross Hire Services' expansive range of portable heaters suits almost any short-term heating requirement, from small spaces to much larger areas, like a warehouse or open plan offices. Our emergency heater hire range includes the most complete choice of fuel types and formats, meaning we can provide for numerous heating solutions straight from stock.

From 3kW to 230kW, there is a heating solution for everyone at Cross Hire Services. We have the leading portable hire fleet in Ireland, and our talented team has a fantastic amount of experience at their disposal.

For more heavy-duty projects, our bespoke packages can combine your heater with a thermostat for total temperature control.

Continue reading to find out more about our extensive range of heaters to figure out which portable heater to buy for your requirements.

Electric Heater Hire

Our range of electric heaters is available in a wide variety of sizes and models, from patio heaters and oil-filled radiators to compact box heaters.

They range in power from 2 and 3kW to 40kW and beyond. The smaller wattage heaters are perfect for warming an office, a garage or a shop. Meanwhile, the patio heaters in our stock are ideal for keeping a comfortable temperature in confined spaces outdoors.

Indirect Fired Heater Hire

Our indirect-fired heaters produce a lot of power and, as such, are ideal for use in larger areas. You can add ducting to deliver heat to different areas and rooms of a building, making it useful for a construction site or warehouse. Plus, the construction of an indirect-fired heater means no pollutants are blown out as only clean, warm air is produced.

Direct Fired Heater Hire

Our direct-fired heaters can be powered with diesel and possess large tanks to store it while in use. It produces a high power output, helping to warm large areas.

Fuel Tanks

At Cross Hire Services, we also stock an impressive selection of bonded fuel storage tanks. If you run your heaters on diesel and require a lot of usage, you’ll need a fuel storage tank to keep it safe and secure. Our fuel storage tanks vary in size, reaching up to an impressive 20,500 litres.

Frequently Asked Questions about Portable Heaters

What is the highest power output your portable heaters can produce?

At Cross Hire Services, we have several high-power output portable heaters that are capable of heating large spaces. The Titan 235 Indirect Heater produces up to 227kW of power and is perfect for warming up warehouses, workshops and industrial units.We have a variety of high-power output heaters that are capable of producing around 200kW, including the Jumbo Heater 200 High Output Indirect Heater.If you need a powerful heater that warms a large room, these types of units are your best options.

Are your portable heaters noisy?

Our range of portable heaters produces low levels of noise. Our small electric heaters are fantastic in terms of noise. Our oil-filled heaters, like the 2kW Oil-Filled Radiator TRH 22 E produce minimal noise, quietly operating to warm up the small space their in.

What type of fuel can you use to power your portable heaters?

Currently, our portable heaters run on three different forms of energy:

  • Diesel - Our diesel heaters possess well-sized tank capacities to hold plenty of fuel during use.
  • LPG gas - Our LPG gas heaters are capable of producing large power outputs.
  • Electric - These are our plug-and-play options that begin to generate heat the moment they’re plugged into a power socket.
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