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Cross Hire Services offer an expansive range of portable heaters to meet your requirements. With a complete choice of fuel and formats, we are the hire company for your heating needs.

Short and Long Term Heating Hire

Cross Hire Services offer an expansive range of portable heaters to meet your requirements. With a complete choice of fuel and formats, we are the hire company for your heating needs.

Direct-Fired Heaters

Ideal for large and small spaces alike, with easy set up and install.

Indirect-Fired Heaters

Ideal for short/long term heating of large spaces & marquees.

Electric Heaters

A wide range of heaters, with up to 3kW from a 230V and 110V.

Three Phase Heaters

Heavy-duty electric heaters, (power ranging from 6kW-42kW)

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Heating Hire with Cross Hire Services is easy!

Electric Heaters

Discover our extensive range of electric heaters at Cross Hire Services, ranging from fan heaters to oil-filled radiators and beyond. With power capacities up to 3kW and compatibility with standard 13 amp plugs, these units excel in offices, smaller sites, and domestic settings.

Among our popular selections is the compact yet powerful Hot Block 25 fan heater, renowned for its versatility and efficiency in delivering instant heat quietly. Equipped with innovative reflector plates, it safeguards nearby surfaces from radiant heat.


Alternatively, our ceramic and infrared heaters, such as the 3kW Infrared Radiant Heater Warm Glow, offer specialised heating solutions for areas like garages, workshops, and warehouses. Rapidly heating nearby objects, these units operate silently, emitting warm, odourless, and condensation-free air.

Our range of electric heaters include:

Three-Phase Heaters

If you need a heavy-duty electric heater, Cross Hire Services can help. We offer a range of three-phase fan heaters, including single units with power ranging between 6kW and 42kW.

Three-phase heaters – like the 18kW 3P Electric Heater TEH 100 – excel in spaces or locations where gas or diesel units are undesirable. As long as you have a three-phase connection, these heaters are simple to install and will provide warm, clean air without fuss.

Our range of three-phase heaters include:

3kw 110V Infrared Radiant Heater Warm Glow

Introducing the Warm Glow 110V Infrared Electric Hire Heater—a powerful solution for localised heating in expansive spaces. Featuring two rapid-heating halogen lamps delivering up to 3kW, this silent operator quickly warms areas without heating the atmosphere, saving energy. Ideal for leisure, restaurant terraces, workstations, and commercial drying, its impact-resistant HDPE body with integrated wheels ensures effortless mobility.

Our range of3kw 110V Infrared Radiant Heater Warm Glow include:

Indirect-Fired Heaters

The indirect-fired heater range at Cross Hire Services is ideal for the short-term and long-term heating of large spaces and marquees. Just like our direct-fired heaters, this range includes both diesel and gas models. Unlike their direct counterparts, however, indirect-fired heaters will use an enclosed chamber to heat the air. They do not use a naked flame in that process, which means you can duct the hot air safely.

To keep these units running smoothly, we also supply external bunded fuel tanks for fuel for top-ups as required, as well as any emergency call-out, so you’re never left short in a pinch. We also offer a complete range of accessories, including ducting, thermostats and extension power cables, as well as terminal plugs.

The main features of our indirect-fired heaters include:

Direct-Fired Heaters

Our direct-fired heaters are often ideal for heating large and small spaces alike, as well as being easy to set up and install. The modest, straightforward design of these portable heaters means you get a large amount of hot air at a relatively low cost.

You can also choose between gas or diesel-fuelled options. Because of the way direct-fired heaters create heat, means you should not use them in areas with a poor level of ventilation or enclosed spaces. These heaters work by using fuel to heat the air. An open flame inside the unit warms incoming air before it’s exhausted.

The main features of our direct-fired heaters include:

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How do I choose which heater is right for me?

Due to there being so much choice in terms of heaters, the Cross Hire Services Team can help you choose a heater.

Each type of heater provides varying levels of power output to serve different-sized spaces.

Read our guide to ensure you choose the right heater for your requirements or ask one of our technical sales members

Where is best to use a direct-fired heater?

Direct-fired heaters are best used in areas where there’s plenty of ventilation. This means factories, warehouses, loading bays, and farm buildings are the best places to use them. As the fuel burns, these heaters produce a lot of hot air, so they need plenty of ventilation and to be as far from combustible materials as possible.

Do you offer a fuel management service?

Yes, we deliver an unbeatable service to all sectors of Ireland. Our fuel management service can deliver fuel top-ups and provide support for emergency call-outs.

Our fuel is on top even at times of high demand.

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