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Large industrial boiler room
Large industrial boiler room

Process cooling is a sustainable way of removing heat from the production or manufacturing. It is different from comfort cooling since it lasts longer and increases efficiency of production processes, particularly in food, textile and tech industries. Process cooling is an efficient system for industries that use a large amount of water in the manufacturing process. Since water is scarce and a significant amount goes to waste every day, industries are better off improving the efficiency of the production processes by improving process cooling system. Inefficient industrial systems impose hefty costs.

With environmental degradation and rising energy prices, process cooling is a need of the hour. Here’s how industries can improve the process cooling system.

1. Process-cooling system should be multi-purposeprocess cooling cross hire

An efficient process cooling system is effective in:

  • Reducing temperatures and cooling down the room
  • Reducing moisture and humidity levels
  • Preventing the growth of mould due to high levels of moisture
  • Improve air quality

Therefore, an effective process cooling system can also improve employee health and enhance working conditions. It can control dirt and unpleasant odours. It shows that the industry cares about its workers. When you want higher levels of productivity, you invest in the well-being of your workers.

process cooling cross hire 2. Know the Materials Your Unit is made of

It is extremely important for you to know the materials your cooling unit is made of, and the components involved in it. Repair jobs can come up at any time, and the last thing you want to happen at such a time is you not knowing anything about the system.

3. Usable for different applications

Cross Hire has environmental-friendly process chillers that can provide effective temperature control across a range of application. The team uses upgraded technology for all types of environments. We supply units from leading manufacturers. Our systems consume less energy. Inefficient industrial cooling systems utilize more energy for each and every application and impose heavy environmental costs.

It is not like that with Cross Hire. Our process cooling systems provide more for less and generate cooling that is several times more effective than air conditioners. Furthermore, our process coolers utilize less water and energy. Therefore, this also helps in reducing production costs.

4. Regulate humidity

Humidity systems can effectively help in regulating humidity in the air. High levels of moisture or humidity in industrial environments could quickly lead to rust, mold, bacterial growth and unpleasant odors. High moisture levels damage machinery and products. With rusted machinery, the toxicity levels in food are high and may increase health hazards for consumers, giving the company a bad image. Even stainless steel can rust over time due to high humidity levels. Rusted heavy machinery could increase costs for the business and damage the actual product. Some products are more prone to damage than others. Humidity could also cause static electricity that could have unpleasant results. Cross Hire has efficient humidity system that can help reduce production costs for your business and consume less energy.

We are ready to spring into action when there is an emergency breakdown. We’ll have a quick solution on hand for process cooling, data centre air conditioning or any other site where you need temperature control.
We also can support you with tips, as well as all other information pertaining to managing your cooling unit.

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