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heating system

At Cross Hire, we proudly provide an expansive range of portable heaters that are optimized for efficiency. We have designed this range to meet all your business’s short-term heating requirements.

We believe in catering to all of your heating needs and offer a heating solution ranging from 3kW to 220kW. Thanks to our excellent team of professional who has exceptional experience and expertise that makes us the first choice for heater hire fleets in Ireland.

When it comes to heating systems, we understand that a cost-effective and efficient heating system is a critical asset for a commercial setup. It helps you provide a cozy and comfortable environment for employees, factory workers, guests or even classroom students.

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If you wish to keep your heating system efficient for a longer period of time, increase its longevity, get better indoor air quality and environment, there are a few ways to improve the performance of a heating system.

Inspect and Seal Leaks

To make the most of the produced heat, it is imperative to reduce drafts. Drafts are responsible for bringing in cold air and this, in turn, reduces the indoor temperature. This also impacts your heating system since it struggles and works hard to maintain the desired temperatures.

To remove air leaks and drafts, schedule a regular inspection of the flashing around windows and doors and address areas that seem loose, worn, missing or deteriorating. Repair and replace doors and windows if necessary and inspect the heating ducts while sealing the leaks. Don’t forget that duct leaks don’t just cause loss of heat but might also add to your energy bills dramatically.

Ensure Proper Circulation of Hot Air

Heating System

In a commercial setup, it is necessary to have air curtains to avoid loss of heat or to prevent cold air from entering the space like loading areas with frequent opening and closing of doors. In case there is the high ceiling, install proper ceiling fans to easily circulate the warm air throughout the space. Keep the radiators and air vents free from obstruction to allow free flow of conditioned air.

Ensure Proper Installation and Maintenance

The care of your heating system starts from the moment it gets installed. It is important to ensure their proper installation and to follow a regular repair and maintenance routine. Understanding the importance of care, we offer high qualified technicians who are well versed in installations. With Cross Hire, you also receive 24/7 call out support with disaster recovery coverage as well.

Keeping the safety parameters in mind, we offer both indirect and direct fire heaters in both gas and diesel models. Since these heaters don’t rely on naked flames but an enclosed chamber to generate heat, it can ducted easily without concerns pertaining to safety risks.

For smooth performance, you get bundled fuel tanks for weekly top-ups and emergency call-outs. We also offer a complete range of accessories.

If you have been on the lookout for a one-stop shop that satisfies your business’s heating/cooling requirements, your search ends here.

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