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Manufacturers in a manufacturing environment feel like they should have control over every aspect of the manufacturing process. However, there are some external factors that can impact the manufacturing process, which no manager has any sort of control over. One such factor that can hinder productivity, or at worse halt all production, is a sudden temperature rise. Temperature spikes have become common all over the globe, and managers have had to work with them. Managers can do nothing to control heat waves; hence they now have to think of alternative methods of safeguarding their systems in such detrimental conditions.

Impact of Temperature Spikes on Process Cooling

Your process cooling, air conditioning and cold storage systems can be particularly put under a lot of pressure when it comes to sudden temperature spikes. This pressure more often than not leads to a sudden breakdown, which can halt any sort of productivity. Any organization that has gone through a chiller breakdown, without any emergency plan, would agree with us when we say that such a situation can be hellish. Not only is production time lost, but there is the threat of poor quality products and disappointed customers.

With the threat of downtime troubling manufacturers, we have come up with some tips you can implement for putting an end to it. There is nothing you can do about the heat wave, but there is always something you can do about the downtime and your process cooling systems.

chiller installed in medical centre 2017

Tactical PPM

Since chillers aren’t under any sort of strain during periods of normal temperature, many of the faults go unnoticed. All of these flaws come into the open during a heat wave, and lead to an eventual break down. Thus, to make sure that you go into the heat wave prepared and with no pre-existing problems in the process chillers, you should conduct a thorough series of inspections in advance. Preventative measures can help avert catastrophe. This is why running an inspection job on the chiller before the heat wave could save you precious production hours.

Short-Term Emergency Hire

Manufacturing operators with process chillers that aren’t meant to perform under temperatures experienced during a heat wave should go for a short-term contingency solution. They can have extra chillers rented out during such temperature spikes, to ensure that the chillers keep doing their job in case of any downtime whatsoever. This saves a lot of time and may eventually be more beneficial than any other possible solution.

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Long-Term Hire

If you have a process chiller that isn’t supposed to work well when the temperatures cross a certain limit, then you would be better off with getting a new process chiller. It will be a long-term solution that can serve through the heat wave period. Renting chillers with better power output and heat endurance would eventually benefit your business.

You can speak to any of our expert professionals at Crosshire, to know more about the renting process and the process chillers we have up for renting.

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