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The right kind of ventilation is crucial for a good working climate. Toxic gases and substances like paint fumes, fine dust particles, welding smoke, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and water vapour can be conducted away from the working environment.

Harmful gases such as chlorofluorocarbons, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds build up inside buildings and can’t escape without ventilation. This is what Cross Hire ventilation units can help you get rid of.


    • Cross Hire ventilation units extract dirt and dust particles.
    • They can be used for welding, cleaning tanks and improving canal functionality.
    •  To ventilate basements, tunnels, canals and underground car parking lots.
    • On contaminated soil during excavation work.
    • They could help prevent asphyxiation following a fire
    • They can be used in barns to protect stored food
    • also at studios during film shootings or at concert halls, shows and presentations
    • They can keep the environment dry after water damage


  • Cross Hire ventilation units cleanse your environment from impurities. Since you are exposed to more pathogens inside buildings, having the right ventilation system could help you breathe better and prevent you from respiratory illnesses. Poorly ventilated space could make you susceptible to catching illnesses as they lower your immunity.
  • You could save your energy bills. Ventilation can keep your environment cool, free of viruses, bacteria and unpleasant odours and improve airflow. Letting fresh air flow through your house is a good way to dehumidify your home and save energy.
  • Ventilation helps dehumidify your home. Humidity can lead to moulds that could cause you to develop allergies. Proper ventilation can help reduce dampness and allergens in your environment, preventing you and your family from illnesses. Ventilation could also help enhance productivity in the workplace. Congestion makes people uncomfortable; thus, ventilation should fix that.
  • Ventilation can lower VOC concentrations inside your home and at workplace that are emitted from electronics. It is impossible to eliminate VOCs. Ventilation can help you purify the home or office environment.

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