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Facilities Management

Cross Hire offers the perfect partnership for Facilities Management; Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractors; and Mechanical and Electrical Contractors. Our reliable rental solutions that deliver extra heating and cooling are a must if your existing systems are shut down for service.

We pride ourselves on helping you and we do this by providing a rapid response team. This brings effective short-term heating, ventilation and air conditioning to your aid. If you manage or maintain buildings or properties, call the Cross Hire team to find out how our services can cater for your heating or cooling needs.

22kw electric portable boiler for industrial use

22kW Electric Boiler


250kW Container


320kW Fluid Chiller


550kW Chiller


50kW Air Handler

We work around the clock to make sure you get the highest level of service. Our hire equipment is on hand for installation as and when it is needed – in particular, our large commercial chillers and boilers.

No matter where you are in Ireland, our dedicated team are on call to help you quickly. We provide the latest range of hire products; from portable heating to air conditioning, chillers and portable boiler plants. And we will install them fast.

The output of our portable chillers range from 10kW to 550kW, while our air handling units range from 10kW to 100kW. Not only that, but we can offer fully mobile and containerised boiler plant (22kW to 550kW) and portable heating units.

These heating units includes gas, electric and diesel oil, as well as single-phase 3kW to three-phase 200kW. In addition, 110V and 230V heaters are also available.

Facilities Managers and HVAC contractors look to us for the most effective products and rental packages. We provide the best support for the following sectors: banking, retail, commercial, hospital, hotels, server rooms and large offices among others.

For small portable air conditioning needs, we have a superb range that fits all settings – either exhaust tube or split type water cooled units. These are both every adaptable and will do the job with ease. From a 13amp plug, the power range starts at 14,000btu and goes up to 35,000 BTU.

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