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Why you need a boiler hire

There are numerous reasons why you may require Cross Hire’s boiler hire service, ranging from, for example, a sudden breakdown, to a planned long-term need for extra capacity.

Whatever your boiler requirements the Cross Hire fleet has been specially designed for a quick and easy hook up to existing services.

Why You May Require Boiler Hire?

  1. To continue operation during programmed maintenance or scheduled shutdowns
  2. For breakdowns or emergency outages
  3. Keeping facilities operating while old boiler is removed and new boiler installed
  4. To assist with increased capacity requirements
  5. Testing of new processes or operations
  6. Research & development projects
  7. Ahu and data centre test loads
  8. Plant room overhauls
  9. Extra hot water capacity through intelligent plate packs
  10. Heating of temporary structures when linked with our mobile ahu’s
  11. Range of 22kws to 1200kws in single boilers available

At Cross Hire we specialise in providing Temperature Control Solutions for a broad range of applications, from domestic to industrial, at home and further afield we love the challenge of engineering your bespoke solution.

View our extensive range of boilers, heating and cooling @www.crosshire.ie, we’ve got heaters, boilers, chillers, portable AC, dehumidifiers and more.

Call today on 1890 24 7 266 to speak to a member of the team.

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