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Cheaper heater

For a business, it is hard to find the right heating equipment; one that is efficient as well as cost-effective. There are different kinds of heating systems which are now being used in different commercial setups like oil, gas or electric heaters.

What exactly is the cheapest option to go for?

Well, the type of heating system you need for your commercial setup is based on your heating requirements. Some heaters are designed to cover small areas while others are best used in large and well-ventilated areas.

At Cross Hire, we offer different models of portable heaters to meet all kind of commercial requirements. While you may think that gas is the cheapest option, this is only an oversimplification. If you take a closer look at each of these options, you will find a good difference in the cost of each type of heating system.

In an industrial setup, gas heating systems are largely used, whereas oil and electric heating systems are used in small offices or classroom setups. You must know that a gas heating system is relatively more economical than the other options. This is because there are two factors that cause a significant difference between each heating system’s cost.

Firstly, each type of energy costs differently. Secondly, there is an efficiency difference with which each type of fuel is converted to usable heat.

Considering these factors, Cross Hire proudly presents a wide range of portable heaters. This includes all three types of heaters; gas, oil, and electric. All of these heaters are designed to offer exceptional commercial-grade quality that you need for your business, in order to meet small or large scale heating requirements.

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Indirect-Fired Heaters

One of the most popular heaters is the Indirect-Fired Heaters. With easy regulation and gas-tight combustion, these heaters work absolutely well in different areas and without requiring much ventilation. No matter if used with oil or gas, they are the perfect economical option that produces a good amount of safe and clean heat. They can be ducted into particular areas too.

Even though electric heaters are not widely used in commercial setups, portable electric heaters are high in demand currently. They are easy to use and require less area and ventilation requirements than any other option.

Electric Heaters

An electric portable heater is the best choice for classrooms, shops, garages, modular building, building sites, and others. It is simple to use and need only a power socket to get started. To facilitate your heating requirements in larger areas, there are also some three-phased models available with no smell or exhaust gases.

Considering space, heating requirements and other factors, one of the best ways to save cost is to invest in the best and most suited heating system. Another way to lower costs and get optimum efficiency is to ensure the regular repair and maintenance of the heating system. Also, before changing the fuel type, make sure the insulation in the area is up to scratch.

To know more about our efficient portable heaters hire range and to get an expert opinion, head over to Cross Hire right away.

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