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process cooling

With the latest innovations in the field of manufacturing, there is an inherent need among manufacturers to go for nothing less than the best. From manufacturing practices to cooling chillers, manufacturers do not have the room to sacrifice quality, which is why they go for nothing less than the best equipment and practices.

Considering the unrivalled knowledge we have in process cooling and temperature control, we are able to provide for the needs of all manufacturers by giving them rental products that not only perform well but are tailor-made for their industry. A manufacturer operating in the food and drinks production business wouldn’t want to rent a process chiller that isn’t customised for their own manufacturing needs. Knowing the customised needs of manufacturers and operators, we offer the best tailor-made equipment for rent that sits well with these needs.

Our comprehensive range of rental process chillers means that we can easily cater to the need of numerous manufacturers. We believe in giving every manufacturing business the exquisite production environment they need, hence we cater to them by delivering the best rental chillers.

Some of the manufacturing industries and processes that can benefit from our tailor-made process chillers are:

Food and Drink Production

Process chillers play an extremely important part in the food and drink production business. Considering the role of proper cooling and chilling, any chiller that does not meet the customised requirements of the industry wouldn’t be able to get the work done. We have the right chillers available for the needs of food and drink production.

IT and Data Centers

it data Server rooms need constant chilling to keep the temperature in control. The needs here are different from those of other industries, which is why we realise the importance of customised chillers. Our rental chillers, for IT and Data Centres, make server room management easier.

Manufacturing and Process

Numerous manufacturing processes require chillers for the smooth flow of operations. Activities ranging from injection moulding, glass production, cosmetics manufacturing to motor vehicle manufacturing require the extensive use of proper, tailor-made chillers. These chillers play an important part in the process, which is why manufacturers don’t compromise on the quality here.

Healthcare and Education

Healthcare can benefit from process chillers for CT and MRI scanners, comfort cooling and for storing medications. Mortuaries also require well-designed chillers that meet the basic requirements. Educational institutions like colleges and schools can benefit from server room cooling, university cooling and lab cooling.

Emergency Chiller Required For A Medical Centre – Case Study

Warehouse and Storage

We provide custom-made rental chillers for storing perishable goods and prescribed medicines. Cooking solutions also need chillers that meet their requirements.

We provide well-designed process chillers for all the industries and processes above. Our rental process chillers ensure that you can rest assured of a brilliant production performance.

Do you want to hear more from us? Get in touch with our experienced professionals. They, like our rental chillers, can take the heat out of every situation.

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