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At Cross Hire Services, we’re a leading supplier of containerised boiler hire in Ireland with the country’s largest range of packaged boilers on oil or gas. Permanent boilers can fail at any time and have an immediate impact on a building’s operation. We have assisted many different businesses over the past two decades to get back operating with minimum impact on their customers and staff. Examples are Hotels, Schools, Offices, Hospitals and warehouses to name a few. We are the go-to Boiler hire company for many of Ireland’s leading Mechanical and HVAC contractors.

Our selection includes a broad range of kW capacity boilers in both single and three-phase power. We offer electric, oil or gas fired boilers in different kilowatt sizes. All the containerised boilers in our stock are available in a range of kilowatts, from 100 kW to 2MW.

We also provide a broad range of bonded oil tanks for fuel oil, temporary fuel lines, boiler hose, power cables, heat exchangers and a full fuel management contract if required for your project, so your boiler never runs low on fuel.

A containerised boiler is the ideal solution for situations where space is restricted. Our 100kW Containerised Boiler is a compact unit that delivers both heating and domestic hot water for low duty requirements, while only taking up a minimal amount of space,6ft Sq. Plus, thanks to its size, it’s easy to transport to and from your location.

Whatever you need, we’re confident that our experienced team can help you find the right model for your requirements. Get in touch with Cross Hire Services today to find the ideal containerised boiler for you. We are happy to do a free site survey to make sure you get the exact solution to meet your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Containerised Boiler Hire

What is a containerised boiler?

A containerised boiler is an excellent temporary and long-term solution for heating systems for a wide range of locations and buildings. Containerised systems can be easily transported and manufactured off-site. This helps to reduce any disruptions to business operations. They’re also available with an oil or gas-fired burner and can be paired with our external bunded fuel tanks and flexible pipework.

What are the benefits of a containerised boiler?

There are plenty of benefits to using a containerised boiler, with the best being that they provide an instant boiler plant room to overcome a broken heating system for your building. They can also be used for planned shutdowns so your main boiler can be replaced or is awaiting a part with a long lead time. Temporary boilers can also be used to commission or heat a large building while you await the delivery of a new boiler.

Having a containerised boiler is also a much easier solution to providing heating at a client’s location than building an entirely new boiler room. Our containerised boilers are also able to be transported with ease to and from your location and take up minimal space on-site. Additionally, they’re a much cheaper alternative to building and installing a permanent boiler room in your building. If your permanent boiler room needs to be relocated or demolished, a temporary boiler can keep your building heated and deliver hot water, while your new plant room is installed.

Where can containerised boilers be used?

Our containerised boilers can be used in a wide variety of locations. Businesses of all kinds have made use of our high-quality rental service at Cross Hire Services, heating their business premises with ease and efficiency.

If you’re considering hiring a containerised boiler, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your options.

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