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Electric Heater Hire

At Cross Hire Services, we offer a wide range of powerful electric heaters available for hire.

As a leading service for hiring heaters in Ireland, we’re confident that our experienced team can help you find the right heater for your requirements.

Our range of electric heaters vary in size, but all pack a powerful punch when it comes to warming up most rooms. Some of our smaller portable heaters for rent are perfect for offices, shops, garages, and Warehouses, delivering efficient heating power without much noise – ensuring you can continue working without distraction.

Cross Hire Services also offers oil-filled radiator hire, which is the perfect solution for clean heating. Plus, they take next to no time to warm up, like the 2kW Oil-Filled Radiator that is working to full capacity in around eight minutes.

Get in touch with Cross Hire Services today to find the ideal portable heater for rent for you, or, if you’re unsure which one is right for you, read how to choose the ideal portable heater.

Frequently Asked Questions about Electric Heater Hire

Where are electric heaters best used?

Portable electric heaters are fantastic for use in a wide variety of locations. They’re the best option for:

  • Offices
  • Shops and showrooms
  • Garages
  • Industrial units
  • Classrooms
  • Marquees and tents
  • Temporary accommodation
  • Modular buildings.

These small, powerful heaters are easy to transport and work extremely well to heat a confined space.

What types of electric heaters are available?

At Cross Hire Services, we have an array of electric heaters for rent. A portable electric heater makes life simple because all you need – in most cases – is a power socket and it produces no fumes, smells, or noise.

Our electric heater hire range includes everything from our most discreet models, like the Hot Block 25 and the 3kW Infrared Radiant Heater Warm Glow, to our wide range of three-phase rental heaters.

Our non-exhaustive range includes electric heaters of all types and sizes, most of which have no noisy air blowers and emit warm, odourless, condensation-free air.

There are also oil-filled and electric radiators that, after warming up, blow gentle warm air into the room – these also feature different power and heat levels, allowing you to choose the model that suits your space best.

You can also hire patio heaters if you are looking to keep outdoor spaces at a comfortable temperature – letting you party on long into the night.

How much power output do electric heaters produce?

Like most portable heaters for hire at Cross Hire Services, the power output of our electric heaters varies, so for more information, it is best to consult the detailed product information for each model.

We have small heaters that produce 2, 2.5 and 3kW but models that go all the way up to 40, 80kW and beyond for your largest rooms. Our most powerful electric heater for hire is the 120kW Electric Heater TEH 400.

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