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Evaporative Coolers – or swamp coolers — use water and a fan to cool a space. They take warm air from the room and pass it over a cool surface to return cooler air to room.
How does it work? Water soaks into a cooling pad with lots of surface area in an evaporative cooler, and the fan draws warm, dry air across the damp pad. This causes the water to evaporate quickly, which chills the air. The resulting colder air is spread around the room with the fan, so you feel cooler.
They are economical, energy efficient and eco-friendly products for cooling the air in your home or office. As they don’t need an exhaust hose, they can be used outdoors for year-round climate control on a terrace or in an outdoor room such as a marquee.
Our Cool Space range are compact, self-contained, high-efficiency portable evaporative coolers capable of lowering existing temperatures by as much as 30 degrees.
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