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At Cross Hire Services, we offer a wide selection of powerful indirect-fired heaters for hire.

You can expect a high level of customer satisfaction when hiring portable heaters from us. As a leading heater hire service in Ireland, we’re confident that we can help you find the right indirect-fired heater for you.

Our indirect-fired heaters vary in size but they all pack a powerful punch when it comes to warming large rooms and spaces. From 18 up to 227kW, you can find the ideal heater for your requirements with Cross Hire Services.

With a combustion chamber for pre-heating and summer/winter switches, our indirect-fired heaters are extremely popular for a wide range of uses.

Our indirect-fired heaters work well in areas without much ventilation and can be used with gas or oil, producing a large amount of clean, safe heat.

Get in touch with Cross Hire Services today to find the ideal portable heater for rent for you. If you’re unsure which one is right for you, read how to choose the ideal portable heater.

Frequently Asked Questions about Indirect-Fired Heaters

What is an indirect-fired heater?

Indirect-fired heaters have an enclosed flame within a sealed combustion chamber. The heat inside this chamber is then transferred to the air after passing through a heat exchanger. This guarantees that the flame never touches or reacts with the exhaust air, making it safe for enclosed spaces.

What are the benefits of an indirect-fired heater?

There are several advantages of using an indirect-fired heater. They are:

  • The production of hot, clean air as the chimney expels all pollutants.
  • Can be safely used in a range of areas and locations – both indoors and outdoors.
  • Outdoor operation can decrease heating efficiency but the energy is recovered by recirculating clean air.
  • By using tubes, the warm air an indirect-fired heater produces can be distributed to multiple different spaces and rooms.
  • There are no potent smells or noxious fumes produced by an indirect-fired heater.

What is the difference between an indirect-fired heater and a direct-fired heater?

There are quite a few differences between an indirect-fired heater and a direct-fired model. Some of the main differences include:

  • Direct-fired heaters can be used in unoccupied spaces with good ventilation while an indirect-fired heater can be used in small or large spaces with people present.
  • An indirect-fired heater produces pollutant-free warm air while a direct-fired heater generates warm air and products of combustion.
  • You can add additional tubes and air ducting to an indirect-fired heater, but not a direct-fired heater.
  • An indirect-fired heater has a more complex design than a direct-fired heater, while the latter boasts quick and cost-effective maintenance – something the former cannot offer.
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