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A rugged and sturdy 110V industrial dehumidifier, the BD 1000 is a powerful dual voltage (110v/230v) dehumidifier designed for the rigours of construction sites.

The rotomoulded polyethylene cover is dent-resistant, easy to clean, and provides a protective cover on the steel chassis frame. Hinges allow for fast access to clean it internally. Large semi-pneumatic wheels, built-in vehicle loading skids, and a rigid handle ensure easy transport and manoeuvrability for any industrial site.

Simple user controls include a rotary on/off switch and manual condensate purge. A flush-mounted hour counter helps plan maintenance schedules and an onboard kilowatt-hour meter provides accurate power consumption.

Dust accumulation is reduced with its anti-clog design and with optional filters. Regular, automatic condensate pump, can remove up to 48 litres of moisture per day, by hose, to a sink or outside up to 12 m away.

Suitable for unattended use for building drying, it is perfect for cellars, storage areas, drying plaster, floors, flood or water damage, or other tough industrial sites where moisture and dust are factors.

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Water Removal Capacity (AHAM) 25 litres/24hrs @ 60% RH / 27°C
Water Removal Capacity (Max) 48 litres/24hrs @ 90% RH / 32°C
Water Pump Out Automatic
Sound Level (dB) 73.4
Air Movement (m³/h) 800
Humidistat Control 30 – 100%
Condensate Pump Lift Capacity (m) 6.1
Input Voltage (V) 110 V / 60 Hz
Running Current (A) 3.3
Power (kW) 0.72 @ 110V
Operating Temperature (°C) 1 - 38
Dimensions (W x L x H) 500 x 510 x 850mm
Weight (Kg) 39kg
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