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Product: 100kW Heat Pump Chiller

A heat pump chiller is the option you’ll be looking for if you need both heating and air conditioning from the same temperature control system. The 150kW Heat Pump Chiller is an excellent solution for long-term marquee uses – providing both heating and cooling options.


Its features include a water outlet temperature regulator, an automatic fan circuit breaker and a fan speed regulator, as well as an internal fan protection grid and an electric board heater. The steel-framed construction of the 100kW Heat Pump Chiller makes it a robust hire option.

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Nominal Cooling Duty 150 kW
Cooling Design Duty 103.2 Kw
Inlet Temperature +12°C
Outlet Temperature +7°C
Nominal Heating Duty 150 kW
Heating Design Duty 105.6 kW
Inlet Temperature +50°C
Outlet Temperature +55°C
Ambient +30°C
Compressor Power 33.5 kW
EER 2.57
Noise Levels 54 dBA @ 10 Metres
Control Automatic Programmer
Power Consumption 44.9 kWh
Water Connections 2” Bauer Male & Female
Buffer Vessel 300 Litre
Water Pump Lowara FHE32-200/55P
Compressors 2
Compressor Type Scroll
Capacity Steps 2
Refrigerant Type R410a
No. of Circuits 1
Evaporator Type Plate
Number of Circuits 1
Design Flow 36 m³/h
Pressure Drop 56 kPa
Max System Pressure 87 kpa
Fan Quantity 3
Fan Type Axial
Air Max Volume 10.8 m³/s
Power Supply 415vAC 3Ø, N + Eth
Electrical Connection 5 Pin 125A BS4343
Full Load Amps 85 A
Start Amps 275.8 A
Dry Weight 1510 Kg
Dimensions (WxLxH) 1,290 x 3,850 x 2,350 mm
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