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2kW Oil-Filled Radiator – TRH 22 E

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TRH 22E mobile space heater

Owing to its 3 heating levels, the additional turbo blower, automatic thermostat control and the option of being used as a frost monitor, this oil-filled radiator model TRH 22 E offers comfort warmth and a great deal of flexibility.

This heater is equipped with a turbo fan and PTC heating element which heats the room air before the thermal oil in the radiator reaches its full heating capacity (around 8 – 10 mins), allowing the room to heat up much more quickly than a traditional oil-filled radiator. The 9 ribbed liquid filled storage allows the radiator to continue to produce effective heat even after its been shut off.

Safety is at the core of this radiator: overheating and tilt protection switch the device off immediately; and, the integrated handle and cord & plug storage allow the unit to be moved easily while the device is still hot!

Perfect solution for clean heat for transition or additional heating.

  • 2,000 W heating power
  • 3 heat settings
  • Effective oil filled 9-rib radiator
  • Short heat-up time
  • Heat storage with liquid heat
  • Connectable turbo blower with PTC heating element
  • Infinitely adjustable thermostat
  • Frost Guard function
  • Noiseless heating
  • Overheating and anti-tilt protection
  • Operating indicator light
  • Practical cable rewind
  • Integrated wheels and carrying handle


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Suitable for rooms up to 25 m²
Heating power (level 1/2/3) 800 W / 1,200 W / 2,000 W
Supply voltage 230 V, 50 - 60 Hz
Cable length 1.4m
Power consumption max. 2,400W
Rated current consumption 10.4A

Dimensions in mm (L x W x H) 125 x 410 x 580 mm
Weight 9 kg

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