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30kW direct fired oil heater fan IDX 30 D

This 30kW Direct Oil Heater Fan (IDX 30 D) is a great solution for long-term direct heating onsite. With a heat output of up to 30 kW, the IDX 30 D oil heater fan generates clean and dry hot air volumes of up to 735 m³/h. Furthermore, the oil heater is equipped with everything you need for economical heating on a construction site or in agriculture. Easy to transport and set up quickly – even on construction sites or on uneven ground!

Equipped with an integrated fuel tank, no need for external tank connections, making it highly flexible for a variety of locations. With a max consumption of 2.9L per hour, the fill tank level indicator allows you to read off the current fuel volume at any time.

Features a fixed thermostat for temperature control with a digital dual display for target and actual value.

Hard-wearing housing, large wheels, electronic flame safeguard and overheating protection means the IDX 30 D direct oil heater fan can be used outdoors for extended periods, can be moved easily and is a highly reliable industrial direct heater, suitable for well-ventilated locations.

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Model IDX 30 D Direct Oil Heater Fan
Method of Heating Direct
Heating Duty 30 kW
Fan Axial
Air Volume 735 m³/hr
Temperature Increase ΔT 90° C
Fuel Consumption 2.9 L/hr
Power Supply 230V / 1ph / 50Hz
Current Consumption 0.8 A
Max Distance Needed 3M
Sound Level (1m) 65 dB(A)
Weight 20 kg
Dimensions (W x L x H) 942 x 388 x 460mm
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