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Rhoss 50kW air cooled chiller unit

Air-cooled 50kw chiller. Suitable for small process cooling applications.

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Detail 50kW Chiller
Performance Data Chiller Cooling Capacity 54 [kW]
Inlet Temperature 12 [°C]
Outlet Temperature 7 [°C]
Ambient 35 [°C]
Compressors 2
Compressor Type Scroll
Capacity Steps 2
Noise Level 56 [dB(A)] @ 10 metres
Circuits 1 n.
Dimensions (L x H x D) 2,315 x 1,570 x 1,000 [mm]
Dry Weight 750 [kg]
Control Automatic Programme
Buffer Tank Capacity 150 [L]
Available nominal head of standard electric pump 102 [kPa]
Water Connection 2" Bauer Male & Female
Water Pump Yes
Refrigerant Type R410a
No of Circuits 1
Evaporator Type Plate
No of Circuits 1
Design Flow 9.4 [m³/h]
Pressure Drop 93 [kPa]
Condensor Fan Quantity 2
Fan Type Axial
Electrical Electrical supply 415 V / 3 ph / 50 Hz, N + Eth
Power Input 18.7 [kW]
Full Load Amps 49 [A]
Unit Connection 5 Pin 63 [A] BS4343

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