PAC 4700 X Portable Air Conditioner

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PAC 4700 X portable air conditioner

Owing to its high cooling capacity, up to 4.7 kW, ideal for very large rooms, the mobile PAC 4700 X air conditioner is designed for the quick cooling of rooms sized up to 155m³.

As all of the technology, including the air filtration and dehumidification functions, are accommodated in a compact casing, this portable air conditioning unit can be transported conveniently and used in almost all interior spaces. The PAC 4700 X, from Trotec, filters the sucked-in air and feeds it back to the room once cooled and dehumidified.

During the cooling process the room air is stripped of up to 1.5 l/h of moisture. The device discharges the withdrawn heat and moisture to the outside through a flexible exhaust air hose.

Key features of the PAC 4700 X:

  • Top class price-performance ratio
  • Ideal for applications in rooms up to 155 m³ (62 m²)
  • Air filter improves the air quality
  • Dehumidification function to prevent condensation, rust and mould
  • Ventilation function (ventilation without cooling performance)
  • Micro processor regulation
  • Fully automatic with programmable 24h timer switch on and off time
  • Low-noise night mode – in this mode the fan of the device uses low speed, and because of the reduced sound level, it can be used at nighttime problem-free, without sleep disturbance.
  • Compact construction and minimum footprint
  • IR mini remote control
  • Air hose* in the scope of delivery

Please note that the 1.5 m exhaust air hose in the scope of delivery has to be connected to the device and discharged through a window, cavity or any other canals.

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Cooling performance max 4.7 kW (16,000 BtU)
Suitable for rooms up to approx 155 m³ (62 m²)
Air flow rate max 550 m³/h
Dehumidification performance max 1.5 litres / hr
Power input 220-240 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption max 1.8 kW
Sound level Level 1 / 2 / 3** 47 / 50 / 53 dB (A)
Energy efficiency class A
Ambient temperature 18 °C bis 32 °C
Exhaust hose 1500 mm length, 142 mm diameter
Timer programming 1-24 hours
Dimensions L x W x H 422 x 443 x 825 mm
Weight 35 kg
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