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The Black Jack big fan is a powerful, portable industrial fan. The 7.6m power cord fits any standard outlet. The motor is quiet and efficient, keeping people cool without distraction.

The Powerfoil® inspired industrial-grade blades can deliver airflow spanning up to 37 metres (120 feet) away. The dial control allows you to control the exact amount of air flow needed. Six aluminium air foils with winglets encased in a durable solid steel frame and cage, along with the silent permanent-magnet motor design ensure more airflow with less noise. The Black Jack runs quietly and efficiently at all speeds, keeping you comfortable without distraction.

Despite the 2m diameter, the slim profile of the Black Jack big fan allows it to easily move through indoor spaces with standard doorways. 4 large industrial rubber wheels and handles mounted on both sides, mean that one person can push the big fan to exactly where you need additional airflow, whether indoors or outdoors.

IPX5-rated, the Black Jack is impervious to rain, moisture and low-pressure water jets. It is wash-down ready, so you can spray it down directly with a hose after a tough, messy day on hire.

Suitable to use in any industrial or commercial setting – for everywhere from narrow aisles and crowded auto shops to gyms, movie sets and outdoor wedding venues.

This easy-to-use big fan is pre-assembled and ready to go for your fan hire needs. Need something bigger? Check out Black Jack’s bigger twin AirGo.

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Airflow velocity 198.1 mpm
Airflow 37 m
Motor Direct drive ECM motor
Blades 6 Aluminium airfoils with winglets
Environment Indoor / Outdoor
Fan control Manual Variable Speed
Power Supply 230V / 1ph / 50Hz
Amperage 5.6 – 4.6 A
Plug Type 13A 3 Pin BS1363
Sound Level (dB(A)) 63.5
Operating temperature -20°C to 55°C
Power consumption 0.466 kW
Cable length 7.6 m
Required fuse 10 A
Mobility portable
Protection class IPX5
Dimensions (L x W x H) 2134 x 737 x 1981 mm
Diameter 2.0 m
Weight 141 kg
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