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Cool-Space Chill 200 Evaporative Cooler

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    Product: Cool-Space Chill 200

    The Cool-Space Chill 200 is the efficient, compact evaporative cooler that delivers supreme cooling comfort indoors, outdoors and even on-the-go! With its three-step operation, this product demands little of the user. Meanwhile, a low-maintenance, pad-free design means you’ll get years of stress-free use.

    At just 6kg and only 735mm tall, the Chill 200 will cool down an area of approximately 40m², making it perfect for use both in and outdoors.

    Thanks to the lightweight, low-voltage build of the Cool-Space Chill 200, it is a remarkable portable cooling option. It will cost less to run than a 60W light bulb too! You only have to pour in water and plug in the power to get super cooling performance – all at the touch of a button.

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    Airflow 15 m³/h
    Cooling Ports 2
    Port Tilt 0°-15° (up)
    Port Rotation 90°-90° (left-right)
    Fan Speed 3
    Power Supply Standard 3-prong AC receptacle
    Sound Level (dB(A)) 57 / 59 / 61
    Cooling Capacity 40m²
    Reservoir Capacity 3.7ltr
    Dimensions (W x L x H) 330 x 330 x 735mm
    Weight 6kg / 10kg (empty / full)
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