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Fuel Storage Tank 100 Lts

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    Product: Diesel Master DM22K-H Transportable Fuel Storage Tank


    Easy-to-move, lightweight and durable; the agile Diesel Master DM22K-H is an impressive transportable fuel storage tank from Cross Hire. Thanks to its stand-out wheelie-bin design, the unit can fit through most doors with ease and allows for the safe storage and transportation of diesel fuel.

    A central feature of the portable Diesel Master DM22K-H is the heavy-duty polyethylene tank, which you can remove; making it simple to carry out routine service and cleaning. Meanwhile, all equipment and ports are protected from the elements under the transportable fuel storage tank’s weatherproof lid.

    This unit makes refuelling a much quicker procedure; cutting out the time-consuming process of fuelling from jerry cans.

    Capacity 100 ltrs
    Dimensions (W x L x H) 540 x 640 x 1100mm
    Weight 22kg
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