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TEH 200

Industrial Electric Heater TEH 200 Heavy Duty Heating

The TEH 200 industrial electric heater is an extremely robust, power-packing heating unit designed especially to meet the demand for mobile heating units that can be used to heat large-scale scenarios, for load testing and for protecting objects and facilities against corrosion.

It is perfect for large-volume heating applications with fully smoke-, flame- and condensate-free warm air, this electric heating hire unit is the ideal solution.

This high-performance unit of German high-quality manufacturing can withstand the harshest conditions and was specially designed for ambulant requirements in large-scale rental heating scenarios, corrosion protection applications or load tests.

The powerful radial fan distributes up to 3,000m³ of hot air in only one hour and is therefore highly suitable for heating large-scale scenarios. It is also equipped with a hose connecting point that allows you to attach up to 100m of air hose for even and effective heat distribution.

The TEH 200 is the ideal electric heating solution for all fields of application requiring large amounts of warm air whilst the use of indirect oil heating units is not possible.

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Amount of air Stage Max. [m³/h] 3,000
Heating capacity Stage Max. [kW] 40
Air pressure Stage Max. [Pa] 600
Outlet temperature Max. air outlet temperature [°C] 65
Mains connection 400 V/50 - 60 Hz
Nominal current consumption [A] 61
Power input [kW] 41.5
Recommended fusing [A] 63
Connection plug CEE 63 A, 5-pin
Hose connector 450 mm
Max. hose length 100 m
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