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TEH 300 80kW industrial electric heater

The TEH 300: A high-performance electric hire heater for industrial purposes.

This extremely robust and durable heating unit, designed for mobile use, offers high performance and “made in Germany” quality. The TEH 300 has been specially developed for short-term large-area rental heating scenarios, corrosion prevention and performance testing.

The high-efficiency centrifugal hot air generator of this electric heater is ideal for heating large industrial or agricultural areas, spray painting, coating, painting, corrosion protection or power testing.

The radial fan distributes up to 6,000 cubic metres of hot air per hour, which – thanks to an air-pressure power of 600 Pa – can be transported over up to 100 metres to the location to be heated via warm air hoses. The electronically controlled multi-stage switching for air volume and temperature ensures a constant ambient temperature control for all heating applications, such as blasting, coating and painting work – in fact almost any surface work at all – at a constant temperature both indoors and out.

Especially for industrial users with energy excess capacities or an independent power supply the high-performance electric heater TEH 300 offers ideal possibilities to realise large-volume ambulant heating applications with fully smoke-, flame- and condensate-free warm air.

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Heating performance 80 kW
Air flow rate 6,000 m³/h
Input voltage 400 V
Power consumption max. 123 A
Fuse protection / plug 125 A / CEE 125 A, 5-pin
Mobility Wheelable / fork lift / crane
Sound level (distance 3 m) 76 dB (A)
Air pressure 600 Pa
Temperature increase ΔT 60 °C
Dimensions (L x W X H) 1,625 x 800 x 1,245 mm
Weight 310 kg

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