FFHT32 18kW Indirect Heater

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FFHT32 Indirect Heater unit

The FFHT32 18kw Indirect Heater is a powerful industrial electric fan heater capable of ducting long distances and delivering high-volume airflows with a delta T of 75C, or even holding a room at 60C. Built to withstand the knocks of day-to-day site use, the FFHT32 is ideal for use in factories, events, marques and even as part of a pest control system. Along with delivering an impressive heat output, the unit boasts a full range of safety features and accessories as standard, including over-temperature protection, remote & machine mounted thermostats, duct adaptor, locking 4 point castors, multiple heat settings, and 5 pin 32A mains cable. This mobile unit provides clean, odourless and fume free heating.

  • Fume and odour free
  • Powerful airflow combined with two heat settings for the high-temperature rise
  • Chassis mounted thermostat with remote thermostat
  • Range of safety features
  • Suitable for a wide variety of building applications, including marque heating

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Functional principle Method of heating indirect
Amount of air Stage Max. [m³/h] 960
Fan Type Axial
Nominal heat output Stage Max. [kW] 18
Temperature increase Delta T Max. [°C] 75
Electrical values Mains connection 415 V/50 Hz
Electric connection Connection plug 3 Phase 32A 5 Pin
Hose connector Diameter [mm] 300
Max Duct Length [m] 10
Sound values Distance 3 m [dB(A)] 57
Weight 30 kg
Dimensions (WxLxH) 350 x 520 x 902 mm
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