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HEPA 500 Stage 2 Pre-Filter

HEPA filters are 99.7% effective at removing particulate down to 0.3 microns. This level of efficiency allows the filter to easily remove potentially harmful particulates generated by air movement and other disruptive construction activities on water restoration, building and maintenance, etc.

These filters are designed to be used with our DefenderAir HEPA 500 Air Scrubber. The unit has 4 filter options to choose from to maximise air filtration and uses:

  • Primary HEPA Filter
  • Pre-Filter
  • DOP Stage 2 Pre-Filter
  • Activated Carbon Filter

Primary HEPA Filter

HEPA filters are 99.97% effective at removing particulate down to 0.3 microns. To maximise primary HEPA filter life, be sure to change the pre-filters regularly. The unit has an indicator light alert to notify you when the filter needs changing. It should be changed more frequently in compromised environments to prevent cross contamination. DO NOT clean and re-use the HEPA filter.


The 1st stage (10% efficiency) pre-filter removes larger particles. This sturdy and high capacity filter effectively captures airborne particles and extends the life of the primary HEPA filter. Change often to maximise efficiency.

DOP Stage 2 Pre-Filter

The 2nd stage (30% efficiency) HEPA 500 filter pre-filter, removes larger particles and improves the life of the filter. The Stage 2nd pre-filter is generally good for 1-2 days of usage, depending on how much dust is in the air.

Activated Carbon Filter

The activated carbon filter equips the DefendAir HEPA 500 to capture a wide variety of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) including soot and smoke, food odours, fumes from paint and paint thinners, sewer odours, and many other compounds. No modification is required to fit this  filter – simply unclip the front roto-moulded cover and place the filter in front of HEPA filter – then re-secure the cover.

Held within a sturdy frame that does not flex or leak, the activated carbon filter contains 1 KG of extruded carbon pellets manufactured to uniform size to help ensure maximum airflow and contact. Capacity of the activated carbon filter will vary widely depending on conditions and should be replaced when a decline of effectiveness is noted.

The Defendair HEPA 500 can be used for a variety of air scrubbing applications based on the filter configurations. The chart below provides the best options based on the particular requirements.

It is important to change all the filters on every job or when visibly loaded, whichever comes first. View our range of Dust Control & Air Purifiers

Filtering requirements PREFILTERS (Positions 1 & 2) HEPA
(Position 3)

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Each filter comes individually or in a pack.

Item HEPA Filter; Carbon Filter
Frame Yes
Nominal Depth Varies per filter
Nominal Filter Size 406.2 mm x 482.6 mm
Nominal Height 482.6 mm
Nominal Width 406.2 mm
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