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IMAGE: Munter's IceDry 30 dehumidifier for use in cold room storage

Munters IceDry® 30 dehumidifier has been specially designed to withstand the tough, cold environment of a freezer or cold storage room. Frost build-up in a cold storage facility can be dangerous and costly, in terms of energy used to keep a consistent temperature and also to stored products. Ice, snow, and fog are all safety concerns in this environment. The Munters IceDry® 30 desiccant dehumidifier tackles the issue at source by reducing the moisture that forms ice from the air before it enters the cold room.

The control panel is placed outside the cold store. As soon as the unit is connected to power and switched on it will start to reduce ice and snow.

It is equipped with an internal sealed rotor assembly. The rotor body is made of durable thermosetting plastic and contains insulated sections that provide a precise balance of air flows for dehumidification, reactivation, and heat recovery.

  • Specially developed for cold store installation
  • Removes frost and ice at cold store entrance
  • Safer loading dock area and less slippery floors when the door is open
  • Prevention of ice build-up on coils with automatic defrosting function
  • Improved energy use
  • Improved visibility
  • Stock can be kept at the correct consistent temperature, with no ice build-up
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Stainless steel casing.

Also available for hire is the Munters IceDry 1400. Call us today on 1800 247266 to hire now!

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Removal Capacity approx. 56kg/day at -25ºC and 80%RH
Air Volume (m³/h) 3,000
Available Static Pressure (Pa) 300
Normal working range -25ºC to +40ºC
Reactivation air heater power (kW) 18
Total power(kW) 22,6
Connection Power 3 × 230/400V / 50Hz
Dimensions (W x L x H) 1200 x 875 x 1425 mm
Weight (kg) 260
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