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25kw Infrared space heater

Rent this powerful 25kW diesel-fueled infrared space heater for your farm, workshops, garages or large industrial and commercial spaces. This compact portable unit comes with a built-in fuel tank meaning no need for external fuel tank usage. The large 43 litre fuel tank provides up to 18 hours of continuous use, ensuring long-lasting radiant heating. Heating quickly, it provides fast and efficient radiant heating wherever needed, with no movement of air.

Once moved into place, the head of the heater can be tilted to direct the heat flow for optimum heating and a pull-out shield protects the floor from heat damage.

From the shock-proof tank made from high-density polyethylene, to the air-cooled combustion chamber composed of triple-layered stainless steel, each part of the Fire 25 infrared space heater has been designed and manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards.


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Model Infrared Space Heater Fire 25
Method of Heating Direct
Heating Duty 25.8 kW
Heat Efficiency 100%
Fuel Consumption 2.04 Kg/hr
Fuel Tank Capacity 43 L
Fuel Type Kerosene / Diesel
Power Supply 230V / 1ph / 50Hz
Power Consumption 140 W
Max BTU/hr 88.294 BTU/hr
Max Run Time 18 Hrs
Sound Level (1m) 67 dB(A)
Weight 42 kg
Dimensions (W x L x H) 532 x 895 x 808mm
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