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Jumbo 145 Indirect oil fired space heater 135kw output

The Jumbo 145 is a heavy-duty indirect fired space heater suitable for a large range of commercial heating and drying applications for large areas. The Jumbo 145 has an output of 137kW (470,000 BTUs/Hr) and boasts an impressive airflow of 12,000 m³/Hr.

Heating up to 5 m away, it offers a quick source of mass heating for wide-open areas. The heater has been purpose-built for use in workshops, warehouses, garages, construction sites, farmhouses, and more. It can also be used for large-scale drying operations in the event of flooding or other large-scale water damage issues.

The combination of the new combustion chamber and the newly designed, higher performance axial fans, ensures higher heat efficiency. The new fan assembly is IP55 rated, and the 7-blades offer uniform diffusion of the warm air through the ducting.

The front service panel houses the burner, thermostat socket and safety thermostat; the safety thermostat can be manually reset in the event of the unit overheating. The front panel also houses a Power Indicator Light, Burner Indicator Light, and Overheat Indicator Light, for ease of diagnosis in the event of failure.

The rear service panel houses the main electrical components within one, easy to access box. The digital display monitors the number of hours the machine has been used, which will be very effective in scheduling service patterns, and providing reports to end-users, where necessary.

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Model Jumbo 145
Method of Heating Indirect
Heating Duty 137kW
Heat Efficiency 94%
Air Temperature 48℃
Fuel Consumption 11.45 L/hr
Tank Capacity External
Power Supply 230V / 1ph / 50Hz
Power Consumption 1570 W
Max BTU/hr 470,000 BTU/hr
Plug Type 16A 3 Pin BS4343
Airflow 12,000 m³/hr
Duct Size 600mm
Max Duct Length 25m
Sound Level (@ 2 metres) 67db
Weight 260 kg
Dimensions (W x L x H) 890 x 1,905 x 1,354mm
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