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Product: Jumbo Heater 200

Jumbo space heaters are designed for use in small to medium-sized rooms and buildings where a fixed or mobile heating system is required. Heat is produced by combustion in the Jumbo Heater 200 diesel heater.

The heat from the smoke is transmitted to the fresh air through the metal walls of the combustion chamber and the heat exchanger of the Jumbo Heater 200. The combustion chamber is of the type where smoke circulates twice.

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Model Jumbo 200
Heating Duty 198 kW
Power Supply 415V 3ph 50Hz / 230V 1ph 50Hz
Plug Type 32A 5 Pin BS4343 / 16A 3 Pin BS4343
Airflow 12500 m³/hr
Duct Size 700mm
Max Duct Length 160m
Fuel Consumption 18.6 L/hr
Tank Capacity External
Weight 360 kg
Dimensions (W x L x H) 985 x 2235 x 1500mm
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