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The Little Brother range of direct-fired gas heaters are at home in the most rugged of locations. These products can withstand the rigours of the construction site, as well as a well-ventilated manufacturing plant. Little Brother is totally portable and can be thermostatically controlled (supplied separately with ‘A ‘models). Little Brother may be simple, but they really do get the job done.

  • Ideal for drying in building sites, heating well-ventilated small/medium premises and workshops.
  • Equipped with solenoid valve, thermocouple and safety thermostat.
  • Set to be connected to a room thermostat.
  • Fast efficient fully adjustable air heater

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Model Little Brother 60
Heating Duty 58.4 kW
Power Supply 230v 1ph 50Hz
Plug Type 13A 3 Pin BS1363
Fuel Consumption 4.5 kg/hr
Weight 20 kg
Dimensions (W x L x H) 370 x 780 x 520mm
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